Lachlan Galbraith's time line


1823 John Oxley


John Oxley explored Moreton Bay and discovered and named the Brisbane River where the city of Brisbane was started. In 1824 Oxley returned to the Brisbane River and travelled up to the Bremer River in Ipswich. Oxley Creek was named after John Oxley.

1824 Windmill on Wickham Terrace


The Old Windmill was built in 1824 by convicts. They ground grains, like wheat and maize. The Windmill used to have wind-powered sails.

1826 Captain Patrick Logan


Captain Patrick Logan was the commandant of the Moreton Bay penal colony from 1826 until he died in 1830. No-one knows how he was killed but some people think he was killed by convicts who had escaped.

1829 Commissariat Building


The Commissariat Store in William Street is one of Brisbane's most important buildings. Its first two floors were built by convicts in 1829.

1867 St Helena Island


The overcrowding in Brisbane’s jails resulted in turning the buildings on St Helena Island, originally intended for a quarantine station, into accommodation for prisoners. It was used as a prison from 1867.

1881 Fort Lytton


Fort Lytton was built in 1881 to protect Brisbane from enemy attack and for more than 40 years was the focus of Queensland's defence activity.

1893 Brisbane Floods

02/07/1893 - 02/15/1893

The floods went for over eight days and hold the record for most rainfall in 24 hours - 20 inches!