Austria-Hungary in World War I




The first telegraph connection was made between Vienna – Brno – Prague.

Austria-Hungary Empire

1867 - October, 1918

Austria and Hungary Unite


Austria and Hungary unite under the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. The House of Habsburg agreed to share power with the Hungarian government by dividing the territory of the former Austrian Empire between them.

Austria Hungary Joins Germany


Austria-Hungary forms a defensive alliance with Germany in October 1879.

The Triple Alliance


Austria-Hungary and Italy forms a defensive alliance with Germany in May 1882.

Cause of Defeat

1914 - 1915

Austria suffered by becoming Germany's satellite starting the first day of the war and became worse due to the incompitance of the Austrian command.
Austria's navy and army was poorly equiped to go into conflict.

Invasion of Serbia

1914 - 1915

The smaller troops of the divided army went to attack Serbia. It was a disaster. At the end of the year, the Austro-Hungarian Army took no territory and had lost about 227,000 out of a total force of 450,000 men.

Serbian Army waiting for battle

Start of World War I


Princip shot and killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.
Leaders of Austria-Hungary used the excuse of Franz murder to confront Serbia and presented a list of 10 commandments called the July Ultimatum. Serbia accepted 9 of the 10 commandments, then Austria-Hungary declared war.

Defeat by Central Powers


The Serbian Army was defeated by Central Powers, which led to the occupation of Serbia.

Role of Hungary


Hungary supplied sufficient supplies for the military during war. Late 1916, food supply from Hungary became sporadic and the government pursude an armistice with the Entente powers.

Austia-Hungary Mobilizes Russia

06/01/1916 - 09/01/1916

The Russians focused their attacks on the Austro-Hungarian army. By the end of September, Austria-Hungary mobilized and concentrated new divisions, and the Russians were halted and slowly repelled.

Austro-Hungarian Empire Witdraws


The Eastern fromt of the Allied Powers collapsed completely. The Austro-Hungarian empire then withdraws from all defeated countries.

Austria-Hungary Collapses

October 31, 1918

Hungary ended the personal union between the Austro-Hungarian state, ultimately separating the two.