Story Events of Mahla

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Note* the times aren't accurate for the respective events as time travel is involved, but the events take place during this time span in this respective "dimension" if you like to entertain the thought about alternate universes. Also please be aware that this is just a rough base of a fictional timeline for a story I plan on writing about in the near future.

ps. the timeline isn't complete.

Days of Madness

05/03/2011 - 08/07/2011

After months of running, Shida eventually embraces the psychopath who has been chasing him: I'eth. During her chase of Shida, she also eventually reunited with another lover: Rainey.

However during the final week with one another, the police caught on to I'eth and Shida and Rainey were being prosecuted for accessory of countless crimes. Rainey is killed in a subsequent car crash while I'eth stays behind to ensure Shida's escape. I'eth is shot multiple times and dies soon after.

(Not as light-hearted as daily madness. This is a precursor to Shida's choice for moving.

Evening of Death

02/09/2012 - 02/10/2012

Shida leaves his family behind, both his mom and father, to travel to his cousin in Seyzr. However while traveling in the bus, the driver suffers a stroke and collapses, which consequently causes the bus to crash down a cliff side, resulting in a fatality among all passengers.

(explained: Shida wanted to escape his current life by starting a new one. He got into a bus that would go cross-country. The bus driver however, had a stroke, thus the bus drove off a cliff, killing everbody in the resulting crash.

Employment and Shipment

02/10/2012 - 02/11/2012

Shida is converted to a Metakin and is put into a team where they make sure certain timelines keep the way they are. Their service spans across several dimensions and decades.

(Metakin are immortal beings that have the purpose to keep timelines in their respective dimensions in order. However after certain events one team was given the right to do as they please. Their abilities were restricted, but their immortality and ability to jump through dimensions and time remained.)

Worldwide Invasion crisis

03/02/2012 - 04/19/2013

America invades the rest of the world. The team, known as Cede squad, initially assists the invasion, and then assassinates the President, thus, ending the Tyranny of the United States. (Takes place in a dimension classified Alusi Dimension.)

(So homeland security doesn't get on me, this is Science-Fiction.)

City Viral Bio-Hazard outbreak

06/26/2014 - 07/09/2014

Cede squad is deployed in the Morliah Dimension to save an insignificant scientist from a Zombie apocalypse. The team runs into some of the local government and is forced to kill any hostile law enforcement.

Nightmare Reality Incident

12/20/2014 - 01/19/2017

Shida and one of the Cede Squad's members; Develyn, are deployed. Powers and advantages are rendered off by occult activities. The local government saves them, not knowing who they are, and hire them to assist in the taking down of occultists and other types of monsters.

Back in Time

10/05/2019 - 03/01/2023

Cede squad goes back in time in the Origin Dimension to ensure that a man named Jesus Christ is Hung on the Cross. It was an intense experience for all of the team.

Uneventful Missions

08/11/2023 - 10/17/2115

Various smaller and less eventful tasks.

The Hunt

10/22/2115 - 3/30/2135

One of the squad members, Fekford, loses their mind due to an emotional dilemma and manipulates certain Timelines. Ultimately trying to prevent his own recruitment. The remainder of the Squad is forced to hunt him down and kill him. The squad suffers two casualties, members Develyn and Lileeth are killed. Demoralizing the rest of the squad. Shida receives his retribution by impaling Fekford in the heart.

Mourning of the Past

4/2/2135 - 5/6/2135

Mourning the loss of his close friends, Shida goes on a soul-searching journey, to discover himself and his purpose. He even meets the Administrator of the whole Metakin project, Mahla.

She allows Shida and his team to retire, giving them eternity to do as they please.

Establishment of a new life.

5/7/2135 - 12/19/3465

Living a glorious life in the Porloon Dimension's equivalent of Japan, Shida was finally able to live a normal life. Starting out as a student with his two remaining squad mates: Raxn and Emily, Shida slowly rose the Corporate ladder, made new friends, and finally bought the legendary Merit Castle. From one exciting day to another, Shida was living a good life.

(in other words, this is where the Daily Madness comics would take place. I have 'em lying around here somewhere...)

Night of Vanish

12/19/3465 - 12/20/3465

After an amazing evening with friends and family, Shida retires with his current partner. However, the next morning there is no trace of anybody, leaving Shida puzzled and depressed.

(To clarify: Everybody goes to bed, like any other night, except in the following morning, Shida wakes up and notices no one is around. He looks all over the Legendary Merit Castle, but nobody is to be found anywhere, except all the trash and dishes they left the night before. This Idea was born when I was working on a school project.)

Starting Anew

1/23/3466 - 1/24/3466

Shida sells the Merit Castle, feeling he should move on, and buys an expensive penthouse apartment in a skyscraper.

The Birth of Illy

1/24/3466 - 5/17/3466

Shida builds a fully functional and self-aware human android called: Illy.

Finding a new Home

5/6/3466 - 10/27/3478

Shida purchases a large Island and constructs a new large mansion, dubbing it: Merit Castle the Second. He also starts a project called: The Lima Guard.

The birth of the Lima Guard

10/15/3478 - 4/7/3480

Shida completes his genetic programming and the first generation of Aly Lima are born. They are human beings whose cellular respiration processes extremely fast until they reach the physical age of 19. They then stop aging. Since their main designation is to be security guards, Shida creates the ominous Shida Corporation. His business was renting Lima Guards to various organizations as well as creating the notorious Human Bionic Implants (HBI).

Creation of the Vector Corpse

7/7/3480 - 12/9/3480

With Illy as an administrative assisstant, the Lima guards filling the roles of housekeeping, security, and general social escorts, Shida feels that being the only male, things would seem a little awkward, thus hired several loyal men and created the Vector Corpse.

Kidnapping of Emiko

3/2/3481 - 3/3/3481

Shida goes back to the origin dimension to kidnap a japanese supermodel, whose career died 2 years prior due to a car accident. Whilst retaining her appearance, she is now severely brain damaged, bordering on handicapped. Her mental age deteriorated to that of an eight year old child, as well as having a constant state of rapid eye movement (except when focusing on a single task) and the occasional involuntary head- and arm movement. Shida hires the assistance of the Yakuza to kidnap her.

Smaller events

3/4/3481 - 12/20/3603

Smaller events take place. Shida corporation undertakes several secret operations, and eventually Shida oddly enough grows tired, and depressed.

Lima guards were exposed by corporate spies and breeding more was outlawed. Most were eventually killed due to the hazards of Shida's missions, leaving Veronica Lima the last Lima guard.

Illy's quantom core was burning out, and she was connected to a high tech table. arms and legs had to be removed for more energy reserves. Slowly but surely, Illy was fading, and Shida could merely watch.

More corporate spies attack Shida in his office, somewhat aware of who he really was, sending him to another dimension. It was here, where he relived his final moments with a former lover: I'eth.

Finally tired of running, she stayed behind to ensure Shida's escape. The present Shida was merely watching in the background, hidden on the other side of the river bed.

When he returned, Shida corporation was taken over by another ominous corporation.
He decided to destroy it along with Veronica. The latter was killed in the process, and a week later, Shida had to put Illy in a temporary permanent stasis. (she will be there until he can bring her back to her former glory.)

Shida leaves his name behind, and becomes a generic person among society, referring to himself as Mute

Meeting Jane Swanson

1/17/3604 - 1/18/3604

Shida, now known as Mute, walks into a cafee, and meets a woman named Jane Swanson.

She catches on to his loneliness and sadness quickly, subtly asking him on a date.

Mute started showing great affection for her, because she would always build him up, and help him feel better.

Disappearance of Jane Swanson

8/25/3606 - 8/26/3606

Jane Swanson is tragically taken away from Mute by the same mysterious entity that took his original family in the "Night of Vanish" and toppled his Shida corporation, killing his new family as well.

Mute considers self-termination.

Creation of Seyrina Army

4/30/3615 - 5/15/3615

Mute breeds a highly militant and covert meta-human similar to the original Lima guard, except more efficient. This was done in a large underground base, where he made sure, only he knew they existed. The Seyrina Army, like the Lima Guards, lacked independent thinking, and were more ruthless and stronger than their predecessors. Mute officially decided to no longer abide to the law, but in respect to the Lima guard, decided to create a new breed instead.

Mute was alone, only having his army for him.

Roles of Seyrina Troops included:
Guard, Covert-Ops, Search-and-Rescue, Search-and-Destroy, Herding, Quarantine, Political Assassination, Cleaning, Cooking, and Engineering.

All were very capable of Hand to hand, stronger than a human at physical peak, and were extremely obedient to Mute.

The missions carried out by them are to prevent anomalies from attacking Mute's home dimension, as well as being mysterious helpers during crisis.

All are considered expendable.

Operation "Quarantine Zone"

7/18/3616 - 4/26/3617

After the local government condemned Ser'golda, a large city, due to a viral infection, that was essentially zombie-ism, Mute managed to convince the government to wait, as he and his army manage the situation.

Seyrina guards were equipped with heavy armor and respirators to full gasmasks depending on the zone.

Citizens were evacuated in the first days, then after the infection spread to evac zones, Termination commenced. Evacuation zones became base of operations, and Seyrina troops operated with peak efficiency, infected were shot on sight, and civilians were advised to stay in their houses.

Small safe zones were established, where martial-law was present, with 15-20 Seyrina troops guarding.

Outside of safety zones were dead zones, anything moving but escorted and authorized personnel was to be shot on sight.

Due to the outbreak being viral, mutations occurred, and even the excellent Seyrina fighters, could not repel some violent casualties. Most being killed due to being crushed or impaled, heavily.

The situation worsened, many safe zones would be compromised, casualties rose dramatically, both civilian and military.

The Seyrina corps had established walls on the city borders, 3 layers, inner was heavily infected, mid was void of life, and outer was there in case of breach of first and second walls, should the third be breached, the city would be nuked without a second thought.

However, as civilians expired, so did the food source of the infected, and slowly, but surely, the infected died out.

After several months, the city was declared "safe", but would remain under martial law, and close observation for the forsee-able future.

The mysterious entity.

09/17/3617 - 07/06/3618

Develyn, a former member of Cede squad reveals herself as an instrument of the saboteur. Responsible for the fall of Shida corp and a part of "Night of Vanish" Shida who was devastated by the betrayal engaged in a massive conflict with Develyn and the government, which was at her fingertips. Shida rebutted with his own army, which did surprise Develyn. The battle was quick, but massive and destructive, not even the massive Seyrina army withstood the war, leaving Shida as the only survivor.

(Too lazy to call him Mute, I prefer Shida anyway....)

Re-kindling roots

07/10/3618 - 01/10/3619

Shida moves back to his home planet Alusi. In the timeline literally after he died, which meant seeing news of his death, and some still subheadings about his former lovers: I'eth and Rainey.

He also starts building his final batch of grunts: MuteCorps, the most advanced Army built to date. Simply because he added so e of his genes to their pool. The MuteCorps primary function is to serve Shida, which in this case is as prison guards, as Mute established one. They also fulfill cleaning, cooking, assassination, cover-ops, search and destroy, and various other of functions. This batch has most anomalies but small price to pay.

Shida also finds rumors that an essence of I'eth might still be floating around in another dimension. The disappearance of Jane Swanson however still remains a mystery.

(Something new to go with, in a way the story changed a lot.. Looking back, the early portion was less lonely and more action packed, the newer ones seem a lil more unoriginal. But, I can't well type down everything, my mind is too impatient.)


1/1/3620 - 3/1/3620

Will contain Shida making amends with I'eth

Banishment into Gystai

3/2/3620 - 1/1/3630

Shida, now known as Cyn is banished into the realm of Gystai. The him caught on to his actions and his disregard of the supreme law and is exiled without any knowledge of who he is.

The refugee Vampiréss Valla and her companion Sarynna find him and take him into their care.

Along the way they meet several characters:

Valran, a rogue
Rogbar, a warrior
Jin, a witch

(Subject to change)