Second Crusade


Second Crusades

1145 - 1149

Summoned by the pope to over throw the Muslims.

Events in Second Crusades

Cause of Second Crusade

12/24/1144 - 1145

Muslims recapture Edessa which were previously owned by crusaders. This action leads to call another crusade. This action was encouraged by the Pope.

Map of Edessa:

Muslim Forces

December 24,1144

Muslim Forces under command of Imad ad-Din recapture Edessa.

Pope's Effort


The Pope summons the second crusade in a effort to take back the stolen land. This plan was sent to French King, Louis VII at first glance he did not approve. Even though he had thought of starting one before he got the letter.

Image of Pope:

Germany's Army


Conrad the third leads his German army into the Third Crusade too soon realize he were to almost destroyed. This failed attack shows that they need more help if they want to get past the plains of Anatolia. The pope then looks for more help for their efforts.

Image of German Solider:

Lisbon Captured

10/1147 - 11/1147

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal on the Atlantic coast is captured by the Crusaders and Portuguese forces. Those forces were under control of Don Afonso Henriques which made him the first king of Portugal. Gilbert of Hastings was also under control of the forces. Over time he became the first bishop of Lisbon.\

Map of Libson:

French Forces Left


In Attalia french forces are left by King Louis VII. As he leaves by boat with other nobles to Antioch Muslims flood to Attalia to attack all the Frenchmen left behind.

Map of Attalia:

Withdraw From Siege


After a week of trying to capture Damascus crusaders had to withdraw. This was die to the fact that none of the three leaders could agree on anything. Due to the political differences it increased the rise of the successful leader, Saladin and the end of the second crusades.


Sub Events

Jengi's Heroism


Jengi becomes hero among Muslims.

France Joins


France joins the second Crusade. This was announced by King Louis VII.

Capturing of Damascus


The crusaders go out to capture Damascus. They are lead by Baldwin the third.