Cold War and Korean War Annotated Timeline

Hanna Roshak Block 6 3/25/13


Stalin is TIME's Man of the Year

January 1, 1939

This is significant because just 1 year earlier Hitler had been named TIME's Man of the Year. He was given this tittle for signing the non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany.

Truman meets with Russian leader of Poland to discuss the government

July 18, 1945

Also known as the Potsdam Conference, this event was important because it was the first time Truman had met with Stalin as president, meaning Truman had just become aware that the US was constructing an Atomic Bomb. During the conference Truman hinted many times of this new extraordinary weapon in the US possession. This is ironic because Stalin already knew of the A-bomb.

Japan surrenders Korea

September 2, 1945

This event is significant because it marks the end of most combat on the pacific front, and essentially, World War II entirely.

Hollywood 10 Convicted

October 1947

This where 10 Hollywood stars refused to talk in front of the HUAC because of possible communist afflictions. It is significant because it shows the rising fear spread across the nation of possible Communists in every day life, no longer just the government.

Marshall Plan is signed by Truman

April 3, 1948

This event is significant because it marked the beginning of the US giving money to rebuild war-stricken european countries, as long as they would create a Capitalist Government, making them become more like the US. It is also important because Stalin would not let the Plan into any of the area he controlled, saying it would only spread Capitalist propaganda.

Truman recognizes the government of Isreal

May 14, 1948

This event is significant because it is when the US president truly realizes the effect and the collapse of Arab-Jewish communities.

Berlin Airlift Begins

December 31, 1948

This event is significant because it established how Truman would react to the Berlin Blockade. Also, it was now clear that Stalin wasn't going to reunify Germany.

Alger Hiss is sent to jail for perjury

January 21, 1950

This event is significant because it was one of the most heightened HAUC cases of the Red Scare. It showed how paranoid America had become about Soviet spies.

McCarthy announces his list of Communists

February 9, 1950

This event is important because it marks the beginning of the red scare and McCarthyism, named after McCarthy himself.

North Korea invades South Korea

June 25, 1950

This event is significant because it caught the United States completely off guard.

MacArthur lands marines near Inchon

September 15, 1950

This event is significant because MacArthur leads a group of UN soldiers to invade South Korea. This is important because even though the UN suffered many casualties, they successfully invaded, allowing them to push through to North Korea.

Truman dismisses MacArthur

April 11 1951

This event is significant because Truman contradicted administration's policies to relieve him. MacArthur was considered a WWII hero, so it is still controversial why he was dismissed.

Army- McCarthy hearings begin

May 3, 1951

These hearings were tremendously publicized, in which the US army accused McCarthy of improperly pressuring the army to give favorable treatment to G. David Schine. It is significant because republicans came to consider him as a liability to anti-communism. This is also where the term "McCarthyism" develops.

Peace Treaty signed in Korea


This event is significant because it marks the end of war in Korea... for now.

Rosenbergs are executed

June 19, 1953

The significance of this event is that a couple, never proved to have had any relation to being a Soviet spy, were executed without concrete proof. This shows that the Red Scare had heightened to such a point that people were being executed for crimes they possibly did not commit.