Hydroelectric Energy ☔

Miss Crossley


First waterwheel

200 Bc

The first water wheel was first used around 200 BC. For tasks like Grinding grain and irrigation

Not Much Happens

0 AD - 1850

Not much happens with hydropower at this time.

First Hydroelectric Plant in Niagra Falls


First industrial use of hydropower


Our nation's first industrial use of hydropower to generate electricity occurred in 1880 brush-arc lamps were powered water turbine at the Wolverine Chair factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan

First Hydroelectric Street Lamps


the street lamps at Niagra Falls began using hydro electric power in 1881

First Hydroelectric Plant in Wisconsin


First hydroelectric plant in Wisconsin opened on September 30, 1882 on Fox River, in Appleton, Wisconsin

A Lot of Hydroelectric Plants


In 1886, between 40 and 50 hydroelectric plants were operating in the US and in Canada.

West Starts Using Hydropower


First hydro electric plant in the western part of the U.S. opened in 1887 in San Bernado, California

The Austin Dam is Completed


The Austin Dam, the first specifically designed for generating hydropower, was completed in 1893

An Act was Signed


The Rivers and First Federal Water Power Act required special permission for a hydroelectric plant to be built and operated on any stream/river large enough for boat traffic. This act was signed in 1901.

US is Using More Hydropower


In 1907 15% of the US was using hydropower for electricity

Caughdenoy Dam was Built


In 1909 the Caughdenoy Dam was built, in Oswego, New York. The generation potential is 2.5 mega-watts per year

The West Relies More on Hydropower


In 1940, 75% of the electricity in the Western states used hydropower as fuel.

Hydro Electric Dams are Blocking Fish

1960 - 1970

Operators of hydro electric dams realize the dams are blocking fish migration.

John T. Myers Locks and Dam is Built


John T. Myers Locks & Dams is built in 1975, in Union, Kentucky. With a generation potential of 395.2 mega watts on Ohio River. It was built near the city of Cave in Rock.

Conventional Plant Capacity


Conventional hydropower plant capacity nearly tripled in the US since 1940.

US Ranking


The US ranked among the Top 4 countries in the world for hydroelectric generation, along with China, Canada, and Brazil. These countries generated 44% of the world's electricity from hydropower.

US Uses Hydropower


In 2011, hydropower created 6% of total US electricity and 63% of electricity generation from renewable resources

Hydropower Generation in US


Today the US is the 2nd largest producer of hydropower- Canada is the largest. There are 75,185 dams in the US, but less than 3% are used for generation.