Lady Baroness Dessarei de Bordeaux


Born (Mortal)


Does not recall her parents due to the Fog of Ages, birthday is recorded information however.

Also, has a twin brother.

Selling Dreams

03/15/1824 - 08/15/1826

Gregor MacGregor came to France to get investors to help him return to his island country of Poyois. Dessarei traveled the outlying cities and helped him get investors for a cut.


07/25/1830 - 12/4/1830

Seduced and tutored by the Marchon de Bordeaux, eventually embraced by him and soon after abandoned as he left her and the Marchioness.


3/2/1860 - 4/5/1879

Margot's Embrace and accounting

Duchagne War

07/01/1867 - 01/13/1875

She recalls the deaths and waste as well as the rampant paranoia against revolutionaries. She avoided as much as she could and lets the Fog blur the details.


05/03/1896 - 01/01/1900

Goes and witnesses the Olympic Games Revival, and while there Aphrodite chooses her (she chooses Aphrodite as her goddess among the Crone).

Entrusted some important memories to her twin, Tim. Tim, afflicted by his own blood, began to stalk her; desperate for the memories and answers that would sate him.

Torpor 1

1/2/1900 - 1/2/1965

Fell into a Torpor, hidden in Greece somewhere.


12/3/1966 - 2/28/1967

Paid for Transport by Brandt Shipping (1 Minor Boon) for herself and one ghoul to NY City. Lucas Daniel Brandt, Invictus Mekhet Tycoon.

NY Love

03/01/1967 - 01/15/2000

Participated behind the scenes in Be-Ins and other Hippie protests where they used love, lust and kindness to baffle police and authorities. Re-started her Cult.

Opposed by Simon Page, Ventrue in NY, had business in war-mongering. Rylan helped her oppose him.


5/6/1978 - 1/1/1983

Helped Marcus Munro on a Quest….well, gave him something doomed to fail and then helped him with the resulting tribulation (1978).


03/01/2000 - 4/01/2003

Moves to Chicago for a change of pace. Another Daeva, Harold Nightingale, shows her around the city and they become good friends.

Attempting to enjoy herself again, Dessarei causes the E2 Nightclub Stampede, escaping out a 'locked' door herself and watching the carnage.

Simon finds her and they become friends and lovers quite quickly.


05/01/2003 - 12/25/2005

Heading to Portland and the melting pot of cultures in order to learn more about Occult matters and challenge herself in a previously unexplored area.
w/ Mia Dinselle-Crassus

Little Rock

05/15/2006 - 07/31/2016

Moved to Little Rock and began quietly establishing herself, along with the rest of her Coterie.

Forgotten or Edited

These memories are either completely forgotten (Pre-Torpor) or they have been modified by Simon.

Growing Up

4/20/1803 - 03/01/1824

Dessarei was born to the widow of a Soldier who had to prostitute to feed the twins. She and her brother learned cons and tricks from the bordello girls and dreamed of being more than an old worn out woman when she was done with life.


1/1/1823 - 5/20/1825

Tim & Dessi take advantage of Georgina, a struggling female money-mogul. Her financial ruin is their gain.

Baron Seduction

09/20/1826 - 04/13/1830

Dessarei used the last of her stolen funds to pose as lower nobility in order to lure a local Baron into marrying her.


1/1/1840 - 12/31/1850

Morena visits Bordeaux and nurtures the fire she finds hidden in Dessi's soul - leading her to the Crone.


1/1/1880 - 12/31/1890

Found Matthew Abram Voelker in Madrid, Spain and inducted him to the ways of the Duchagne.

Arya & Anna

11/10/1898 - 12/15/1900

Arya Asit shows her the intricacies of a large court. His childe, Annaliese Aryasdotter takes....exception to their friendship.

Encourages Dessarei to leave Athens.


3/1/1967 - 04/05/1970

Enjoyable fling with Mr. Jessie White that ended when he left the city. He still sends gifts occasionally.


5/15/1970 - 12/21/1987

Met and took Rylan Fox as a lover, but split in 1987 after Rylan found a distaste for Dessarei’s darker desires.