Lucy Renard

Apocalypse Char-



September 7 1985

Kinfolk parents that do not know about their kinfolk heritage. Louisiana born family (possibly Cajun). They are extremely religious and her family would believe she is either evil or possessed if they ever found out that she is a Garou.

Moved to Independence, MO


Family moved to Independence, MO for her father's job.

First Change


Changed during debate practice in Junior High School. She hurt her fellow debate team members rather badly, but luckily did not actually kill anyone. Official story is that a wild animal attacked them while they were practicing outside in the nice weather.

Junior High and High School in Lone Jack

08/24/1998 - 05/20/2003

Transferred to a school in Lone Jack ran by kinfolk.



(have not yet worked out her challenge)

Graduated from High School




08/24/2003 - 05/05/2010

Working towards Law degree at UMKC College in Kansas City stayed on at UMKC to obtain Law Degree after finishing up bachelors of Political Science with a Minor in Biology to better understand what she is fighting for.

She has spent the time in college also working as an activist for environmental preservation and has been working with shelters and such in the interest of caring for those treated poorly.

Moved to LR to find Inkteller


Moved to LR to join Inkteller's Pack


Met Inkteller


Met Inkteller for the first time

Met Darren

January 30 2005

Met Darren in Biology lab. Became aware of his nature and became friends with him in spite of his own personal preferences.

He was her lab partner.

Tells Darren she knows what he is


For one of the labs required to draw blood. Knowing what he is Lucy tells him she better do this due to not wanting to pierce the veil.

Darren transferrs to UAMS


Transfers to UAMS and moves to LR