NYC Lost Timeline

Mortal History


Verrazzano sails the Hudson


Giovanni da Verrazzano, a Florentine explorer employed by the king of France finds what will one day be New York.

Henry Hudson sails the Hudson


New Amsterdam


First settlers come from the Netherlands.

New York Founded


British capture New Amsterdam and establish New York.

Revolutionary War

4/19/1775 - 9/3/1783

New York was captured by the British in 1776 and remained in their control throughout the conflict. The last British troops left the city in November of 1783.

Prison ships were established in Wallabout Bay off of Brooklyn to house captured Americans. 8,000 are estimated to have died in those ships alone, almost twice the number of Americans who died in battle during the entire war. The HMS Jersey is particularly infamous.

Fort Washington Built


Fort Washington built, and then captured and renamed Fort Tryon

Civil War

4/12/1861 - 4/9/1865

The American Civil War. New York had outlawed slavery and fought on the Union side.

Draft Riot


Irish immigrants who had been pushed by Tammany Hall to vote became eligible for the draft. Riots broke out, and many African Americans were targeted.
120 civilians were killed, including 11 lynchings

Influx of Immigrants


A massive influx of immigrants arrive fleeing poverty and famine in Ireland, Germany and England, Eastern Europe and Italy, and "Little Italy" first forms.

New York Consolidates


The city of Brooklyn is consolidated into New York City

General Slocum Fire


The steamboat General Slocum catches fire in the East River and sinks off the shore of North Brother Island, killing 1,021 of its 1,342 passengers.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire


A garment factory in Greenwich Village caught fire and, due to the doors all being locked by management, 146 garment workers died either from burns, smoke inhalation, or leaping to their deaths.


7/28/1914 - 11/11/1918

America enters the war in 1917

Great Depression

10/29/1929 - 1939

Massive worldwide economic depression hits after the NYC Stock Market crashes, banks fail and the global economy shuddered. The Depression ended in the US when we entered WWII.


9/1/1939 - 9/2/1945

America enters war 12/8/41 after attack on Pearl Harbor.

UN Headquarters in NYC


After the Headquarters construction is completed, the United Nations convenes permanently in NYC.

New York World's Fair


The third World's Fair held in New York takes place in the now famous Flushing Meadows Park. The fair ran from April 22–October 18, 1964 and April 21–October 17, 1965.


8/15/1969 - 8/18/1969

"An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music" held just south of Woodstock, NY.

Terrorist Attacks


Terrorists attack the World Trade Towers in New York and the Pentagon in DC.

Lost History


First Contact


First contact between indigenous Lost and settlers. Settlers disappeared quickly, presumably captured by local Actors. Records indicate that they were probably Diurnal.

Seasonals Arrive


Seasonal settlers arrive and face opposition from existing Freehold. The British may have captured the mortal settlement, but the Seasonals can find no purchase.

First Privateers Recorded


First record of focused Privateer activity. Group is discovered to be a few Seasonals who have gathered some outsider Lenape and local hobs.

The Four Saintly Beasts Come Forward


After five years of occasional brief sightings of strange Lost, the Saintly Beasts come forward as a Freehold to establish relations with the other Lost of New York.

Statue of Liberty


Bridgemasons help build the Statue of Liberty

First Wendy's Race


A Hedge airship race is held, beginning in the Foster Meadows Derby in NYC and ending in California. It's called Wendy's Race after the captain who won with her ship The Innocent and Heartless, but the inevitable shenanigans that come of the annual race give rise to UFO stories. This is the first record of the Briar Bitch.

Cooperation over Fire Dept


The Seasonal and Diurnal Freeholds join forces in first major cooperative effort in the wake of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire to form the fire college to train new fire fighters, and establish the Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Freehold of New Amsterdam Attempt


As alliances with "Progressive" Keepers strengthen the Lost, about 2/3rds of the city's population of Lost, including members of all three existing Freeholds and a few Courtless attempt to form the Freehold of New Amsterdam. They establish a republic structure with a leader to be elected once a year.

New Amsterdam Disappearance


A band of Loyalists lead by a Traditionalist Actor infiltrate the New Amsterdam Hollow with the help of a Progressive Actor of the same Keeper. Entire Hollow disappears taking all but two Lost who were not there, and one who managed to escape.

Unending Winter

1930 - 1941

The despair felt during the Great Depression is so powerful that Winter does not lift from the hedge, nor the crown from the Winter Monarch’s shoulders, for a full 11 years. Summer, West and Night seize Pearl Harbor and the entry into World War II to rekindle the city's fighting spirit


8/15/1969 - 8/18/1969

Spring and South attend the concert separately but all come home in one big group with a ragtag band of other Lost. Both Courts' numbers swell as Courtless join up and a few even spontaneously switch. Everyone is too glutted on the "unlimited" glamour to be awkward about it.
Rumors from Woodstock:
* Emerald and Scarlet orgy "like Christmas but better"
* Two Changelings claim to have conceived at the festival without the help of a Goblin Midwife
* Shy Woodson wandered out of the Hedge on stage during Creedence Clearwater's "Keep on Chooglin'"

Earth Day


A coalition of Elementals and allies (mostly Spring) work to make Earth Day a success, in an effort to raise awareness of global culture's toll on the environment.

Death of the Night

4/29/1991 - 11/5/2009

27 changelings die or disappear. 8 die in battle against enemies of the Lost, the remainder are unaccounted for. There numbers are: 6 Night courtiers (nearly the whole Court), 1 Day, 5 Courtless (only 2 confirmed killed by Jughead), 2 Autumn, 1 North and 1 West. Paranoia grows.
It is eventually discovered that Day Monarch Sonny has been directly or indirectly responsible for most of the mysterious deaths.

Bitten Apple


Freehold Founded


Despite opposition, organized and focused effort results in the founding of a Seasonal Freehold

Lachoros Appears


Lachoros emerges from the Hedge

Old Mab's Long Night

1930 - 1941

Winter Monarch Old Mab holds the crown for 11 years straight. During this time the former Spring Monarch sickens and dies. Lily White rallies Spring Court and eventually receives the crown.

Lachoros becomes Winter Monarch


Old Mab passes and Lacheros becomes Monarch.

Jack Swain ("Jin")

1996 - 2010

Jack Swain (Craig's PC Jin) is a Summer Courtier. He is weaponsmith and combat trainer for the court.

In Summer 2010 his Mantle dwindles and he leaves the Freehold in search of direction.

Jughead Dies


After a career of kicking ass and not caring much about names, Jughead Buggane is found dead in his apartment. Cause of death is listed as heart attack.



First Settler Freehold


Dutch settlement continues, including a small population of Diurnals who establish a Freehold despite a disastrously unfriendly Hedge.



Converts from native Lenape, lead by Windwing Chiskukus, join Freehold and Chiskukus becomes Day Monarch.

Freehold almost destroyed


Through Privateer activity and a rash of Hunter activity associated with witch trials in Long Island and the surrounding area, the Diurnal Freehold is nearly destroyed.

Sonny becomes Monarch


Sonny is succeeded by Connor


Having been revealed to be a murderous loyalist, Sonny is put on trial and killed. Connor succeeds him as the Day Monarch.

Saintly Beasts


Freehold Founded


As Chinese immigration rises, a Directional Freehold quietly establishes itself.

Chinese New Year


Yearly tradition of the Freehold going to the Parade and walking in it underneath a dragon costume begins. This is the one time a year that the Saintly Beasts do not discourage attending the Vagabond Parade.


1939 - 1947

As the war spreads, Asian communities across the country face increased discrimination. This holds true in New York as well, and diplomatic relations break down between the Saintly Beasts and the rest of the city. Demands come from some quarters for the Saintly Beasts to leave, or swear increased oaths of loyalty and nonaggression, sometimes leading to hedge duels and banishment - though somehow it was always the Directional who ended up banished.
If there was internal conflict reflecting the war, it was not made public.
The Four Saintly Beasts never entirely withdrew. In fact, their numbers swelled as Lost from outside the city came to New York for shelter in the face of similar treatment abroad.

Jin ("Jack Swain")


Jack Swain returns to the City under the new name Jin, and with a West Court mantle. He is immediately welcomed in the Four Saintly Beasts freehold, and named their White Emperor.
(Whether there was a West Emperor before Jin is not clear.)
It's a rough Summer for inter-Freehold relations.

Known Monarchs

e03400 - Summer

Day: Chiskukus

1625 - 1665

Winter: Old Mab

12/1/1901 - 11/30/1949

Winter: Lachoros

12/1/1949 - 2014

Willingly abdicated

Autumn: Ciar

1992 - 2014

Lost to Arcadia

Day: Sonny

8/19/1993 - 11/5/2009

Summer: Lawrence "Jughead" Buggane

07/04/1995 - 02/15/2012

Heart attack

South: Song Myung Hee

1997 - 2014


Night: Gris

2/7/2004 - 2014


North: Bo Dai

3/7/2006 - 2014


Spring: Mo

2009 - 2014


Day: Connor

11/5/2009 - 2014


West: Jin

1/1/2011 - 2014


Summer: Hyo

06/20/2012 - 2014


Winter: Fawn

2014 - 2015