Period 5 Timeline


Toussaint Louverture

1744 - 1803

Toussaint Louverture was a slave who earned his freedom and eventualy helped lead the Haitian independence struggle and freed the slaves in Haiti.

James Watts


James Watts perfected the steam engine and helped increase productivity since his steam engine was a lot more complex and tunred a wheel giving it many uses.

Reign of King Louis XVI

1774 - 1793

The Reign of King Louis XVI came during the French Revolution. While not a bad king Louis was not really into being a King and because of this he was eventually beheaded after getting caught by revolutionaries.

American Revolution

1775 - 1781

The American Revolution was spawned by taxation without representation after many years of discontent, this eventually came to a head and they declared independence from England. France helped finance this venture.

Spinning Mule Developed


The spinning Mule helped the textile production and led to increased prodeuction which helped increase profits for these companies.

Simón Bolivar

1783 - 1830

Simón Bolivar was the leqder of the Latin American independece struggle. While he was successful at first he was doomed to fail since his overall goal was to create something like the United States in south America but there were too many regional differences to make his dream a reality.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The French Revolution was a movement to change the former structuer of the country. This was supposed to be done through a bloody rebellion that eventually left France bankrupt and struggling only to be led by Napoleon who helped bring France back to its former glory.

Haitian Revolution

1791 - 1803

The Haitian Revolution was the first and to this date last successful slave revolt. The slaves revolted against the Landowners of the plantations and secured freedom. After the Revolt was successful the life did not improve that much for former slaves yet they did get a small wage and the use of the Whip was abolished.

Cotton Gin


Eli Whitney's invention that helped increase the yield of the worker when seperating cotton.

Reign of Napoleon

1799 - 1814

The reign of Napoleon was a very good thing for Franc eand he helped boost the economy and conquered a lot of territory. After a botched attempt to conquer Russia he was forced to abdicate hs throne and was sent to an island in exile.

Wars of Independence in Latin America

1810 - 1825

Wars of Independence in Latin America were fought over control of the societies and helped lead to most of the republics inlatin America to be Creole dominated.

Congress of Vienna

1814 - 1815

The Congress of Vienna was supposed to make the very nationalistic nations slow down there ideas of expansion yet the people were too nationalistic at this point to stop. The nations represented at this meeting were: Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Britain.

War of Greek Independence

1821 - 1827

The War of Greek Independence was a war fought against the Ottoman Empire that eventually led to an independent greek state. This war was fought with the help of many European nations.

Opium War

1839 - 1860

The Opium War was an attempt by the British to start the Opium Trade again. This was successful and the British began to profit greatly from the sale of opium.

Communist Manifesto


Karl Marx's greatest work that showed the wrongdoings of Capitalism and helped try and change the way the world was heading. This socialist work tried to say that eventually there would be no privatization of goods and we would live in a perfect society.

Taiping Rebellion

1850 - 1864

The Taiping Rebellion was a botched attempt to destroy the Qing dynasty. instead this led to mass starvation and the deaths of many sinc ethe rebellion failed.

Crimean War

1853 - 1856

The Crimean War was a war between Russia and most of Europe. The war was fought because Russia was trying to expand into the ottoman empire and Europe was nervous it would affect the balance of power. Russia was defeated and the economy was in shambles.

Bessemer Process


The Bessemer Process helped increase steel production and it was easier to produce it at less of a cost. At this point Steel began replacing Iron products

Sepoy Rebellion


The Sepoy Rebellion was when the Sepoys found out that the bullets they were using were covered in pig fat. This made them very angry and they revolted. The British still won and remained in power however.

Unification of Italy

1859 - 1870

The unification of Italy was when the leaders decided they wanted independence. a very charasmatic leader stepped down from power allowing North and Southern Italy to become one country.

Origin of the Species published


Origin of the Species was published by Charles Darwin that helped shiw a differnt opinion than Creationaism and introduced a new idea of Social Darwinism that was a strategy that was used by many capitalists of the era.

Suez Canal

1859 - 1869

The Suez Canal connected the Mediterranean and Red Seas and allowed for increased trade along this route.

Emancipation of Russian Serfs


The emancipation of Russian Serfs was a big deal that led to better lives for the many serfe in russia. While the lives did improve many Serfs continued what they were doing yet they were now free. This led to an increase in the Agricultural yield of Russia.

Unification of Germany

1864 - 1871

The Unification of Germany was cmpleted by the great man Otto von Bismarck. Otto von Bismarck tried to start wars with other nations to increase nationalism that would help lead to unification.

Meiji Restoration


The Meiji Restoration brought Japan into the Industrial era.

During this time Japan was given a constitution and soon Japan became a storng military power and a strong economic power.

Boer War

1880 - 1902

The Boer War was a war in Africa over diamonds and gold. After a very bloody war the British kept there power and increased there colonial classes in Africa.

Berlin West Africa Conference

1884 - 1885

The Berlin West Africa Conference was a result of rising tensiona between Europe and West Africa that helped lead to what European contries owned what part of Africa. Not a single African was at this conference.

Boxer Rebellion


The Boxer Rebellion was in China and was an attempt to get rid of Foreign powes from China. The foreign troops won and China had to allow foreign troops into there cities.

Russo-Japanese War

1904 - 1905

The Russo-Japanese War was what really made Japan an Imperial power. The Japan navy crushed the Russian navy and gained control of parts of Korea as a result.

Panama Canal

1904 - 1914

This Canal helped increse the speed at which goods could be transported between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This also decreased the costs fro transporting goods.

All-India Muslim League


The All-India Muslim League was founded and was to help promote the Muslim population of India they then helped in securing independence for India.

Henry Ford


Henry Ford and the Assembly Line was very important process that helped move products and increase the production of many goods. This process was adopted by many factories.