Hittite Empire


The Young Empire

1900 B.C

The Hittite empire was just starting out. They were a very small and weak empire and were slowly bringing rival city-states and kingdoms in Asia Minor under control.

Founding of the Capital

1650 BC

In 1650 BC, the Hittites founded their capital. Under the king Hattushili I, he created a secure base for the kingdom of the Hittites. They later added walls and gateways to make it more secure.

Ransacking Babylon

1595 BC

One of the Hittites major accomplishments was when they ransacked the city Babylon in 1595 BC. King Mursili I lead the Hittites into Babylon and even lead them to conquer more land through Mesopotamia.


The Hittites Conquer

1400 bc - 1180 bc

The Hittite's worshiped many gods, all with their own names and stories. Even though the Hittite's were disobedient and worshiped many other gods, our God still allowed them to prosper. The fact that God allowed them to prosper was an act of mercy. The time he allowed them to prosper was the Hittite's chance to come to him. However the Hittites never did. No one can really know this for sure but God probably allowed the Assyrians to take over the Hittites because he knew they would never come to him. One thing that is for sure is for quite some time, God showed mercy to the Hittites by allowing them to thrive!


Battle of Kadesh

1274 BC

The Battle of Kadesh took place around 1274 BC. It was a battle between the Egyptians and the Hittites in an attempt to gain control of land in Asia Minor. After decades of neither side making progress, the two powers signed a peace treaty.

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The Fall of the Hittites

1200 bc - 1180 bc

The Hittite Empire lasted around 500 years. However sadly Hattusa, their capitol was burnt to the ground during a civil war by Kaskas, Phrygians, Bryges, and a new waves of Indo-Europeans. To worsen the situation the Assyrians impinged on the Hittites trade and threatened the land. The Hittite Empire disappeared from historical records sometime around 1180 bc. The Assyrians then took over the Hittite Kingdom after it fell.

God shows the Hittites favor

950 BC - 930 BC

God showed the Hittites favor by not letting the hebrew people destroy their land. Under the reign of Solomon, God showed them favor because the hittites were one of the only nations that the Hebrew people did not have succes conquering. God protected them at this time even though they didn't know it. This happened after the fall of the Hittite empire. The people that remained from the fall are the people that this occurred to.