Massasoit Community College Timeline (1947-Present)

Massasoit Community College



Study of the need for higher education in the Commonwealth undertaken by the State Board of Education, planting the seed for the future Massasoit Community College



The Massachusetts Board of Regional Community Colleges (now, Massachusetts Community Colleges) is created by the legislature to develop and execute an overall plan for regional community colleges.

Chapter 605 Bill Passed

Oct 1958

Massachusetts Governor Foster Furcolo signed into law his bill, Chapter 605: An Act Establishing a Massachusetts Board of Regional Community Colleges and Providing for the Establishment of Regional Community Colleges, which established a system of community colleges for Massachusetts.

Community College for Brockton Proposed


The proposal to bring a community college to the Brockton area was brought before the Brockton School Committee by George M. Romm, Chairman of the Education Committee of the Brockton Chamber of Commerce at that time.

Community College in Brockton Anounced


Announcement made that a community college will be located in Brockton, Massachusetts as a result of a feasibility study conducted by the Brockton Chamber Of Commerce (now, Metro South Chamber of Commerce) with the combined efforts of area school committees and Representative Peter C. Asiaf and Senator James F. Burke.

President John Musselman Arrives


Dr. John W. Musselman appointed first President of Massasoit Community College (presidential term 1966-1978).

Dean Melody Arrives


Phillip B. Melody appointed first Dean of Massasoit Community College.

College opens

Sept 1966

Classes began in the Charles M. Frolio School, North Abington, Massachusetts with 358 students and 22 faculty.

First Commencement

June 9, 1968

Massasoit Community College had its first commencement with 137 students receiving their Associate Degrees.

Additional campuses

Sept 1968

Additional campuses were established at the former Howard School for Girls in West Bridgewater and the Mirimar School in Duxbury

Two campuses open

Sept 1969

The fall of 1969 began the fourth year of Massasoit Community College operating on two temporary campuses—West Bridgewater and North Abington.

MCC Brockton contruction begins

Oct 28, 1969

Massasoit Community College broke ground for the first five buildings at what was to become the Brockton Campus.

Massasoit Community College Foundation


Massasoit Community College Foundation is incorporated to secure funding to the College for student scholarships and special projects.

March for Peace

May 8, 1970

On May 8 1970, 250 faculty and students marched for peace after the fatal shooting at Kent State University and the escalating tensions in Southeast Asia.

Accredition granted


New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) awards 10 year accreditation.

3-Point War Resolution

Feb 8, 1971

The student council passed a 3 point war resolution calling for the complete withdrawal of all American forces from Southeast Asia, 40% cutback on military defense and release all political prisoners. A copy was sentto Senator Kennedy and Congressman Keith.

People’s Peace Treaty signed

April 1971

350 students at the Massasoit Duxbury campus signed a petition supporting the People’s Peace Treaty which called for a ceasefire, the withdrawal of American forces from Southeast Asia, the return of all American prisoners of war and the setup of a coalition government with legitimate elections.

Phase I construction completed


The Brockton Campus of Massasoit Community College opened with the completion of Phase I of the construction.

Phase II construction begins


Phase II of the construction began on the Brockton Campus

"Project Mainstream" founded


The Latch program started at Massasoit Community College with the name “Project Mainstream”.

“Project Mainstream” renamed


“Project Mainstream” renamed Latch.

The Women’s Resource Center


The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) opened.

Dick Gregory at MCC

March 6, 1973

Dick Gregory performed at Massasoit Community College on March 6, 1973.

"...Home Beer Brewing"


The May 8 edition of the Massasoit Community College newspaper The Futhur published an article entitled “because you only go around once: Home Beer Brewing”. The article provided a how to guide as well as the social and legal implications of home brewing.

Speaker: Rep. Margaret Heckler

May 31, 1974

House Representative Margaret Heckler gave the commencement address to the graduating class on May 31, 1974.

Jim Craig plays at MCC


Jim Craig played hockey at Massasoit Community College in 1975 - 1976. Jim is best known as the goalie on the 1980 U. S. Olympic hockey team who defeated the Soviet Olympic team and went on to win the gold medal for the United States team.

Phase II construction completed


In the Fall, Phase II construction was completed and occupancy of Brockton campus took place.

Massasoit Senior Center


The Massasoit Senior Center opens.

President George E. Ayers Arrives

Nov 22, 1978

Dr. George E. Ayers was appointed the second President of Massasoit Community College. (Presidential term 1978-1982)

Theater Arts Program begins


New Theater Arts Program begin in September at Massasoit Community College.

SLAM opens


MCC Self-Development Laboratory at Massasoit (SLAM) opens education to those without high school diplomas.

Board of Regional Community Colleges replaced


The Board of Regional Community Colleges replaced by the Board of Regents of Higher Education (subsequent to reorganization of all of the boards).

Technology training program begins

Sept 1980

New high technology 30 week training program funded by a grant from the Comprehensive Employment and Training Program (CETA) begins.

Nurses Continuing Education

Sept 8, 1980

Massasoit Community College opens the first of its kind, Continuing Education Program for Nurses.

Accreditation renewed


New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) awards five year accreditation.

MCC gains local control


After the State’s reorganization, the Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees assumed local control of the College.

Dr. Burke Arrives


Dr. Gerard F. Burke is appointed Dean of the College.

Rep. Peter Asiaf awarded


Representative Peter G. Asiaf awarded Massasoit Community College Distinguished Service Award.

MCC gains many BSC faculty and staff


Many Boston State College faculty and staff join Massasoit Community College.

Melvin Louison awarded


Melvin S. Louison awarded Massasoit Community College Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Burke appointed president


Dr. Gerard F. Burke is appointed the third president of Massasoit Community College. (presidential term 1983-1996)

Phi Theta Kappa Chapter founded


Marguerite Donovan, Dean of Students, and Gerald Reese, Dean of Admissions, founded Massasoit's Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Alpha Kappa Upsilon.

Children’s Center


The Children’s Center at Massasoit opens.

Choices program


The Choices program began at Massasoit Community College.

Academic Resource Center


Academic Resource Center (ARC) opened in the Fall.

First Telecourses offered


First Telecourses are offered: “Heritage: Jews and Civilization” and “The Brain”

Comprehensive Assessment/ Career Counseling


Massasoit offers a comprehensive assessment/ career counseling program for eligible recipients of A.F.D.C.

Grants Awarded to MCC


MCC is awarded 2 grants totaling $20,000.00 from the Board of Regents of Higher Education for The Adult Learners Program and work study.

International Touch Club


The International Touch Club began, meeting every Friday at noon during the school year.

Blue Hills Technical Institute merges


Blue Hills Technical Institute (1966) merges with Massasoit and becomes the Canton Campus.

MCC cable station announced


President Dr. Gerard Burke announced that Massasoit Community College will have its own cable television station. Massasoit is the first educational institution in the state to have control over a local cable television channel.

educational improvement grant awarded to MCC


Massasoit is one of 63 colleges in the nation awarded a grant of $182, 932.00 meant to improve the quality of education. Funds will be used for improving the quality of academic programs, developing services for special needs students, create an office for marketing services and develop information systems management.

MCC Board of Trustees sign contract


The Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees signed a contract with the Division of Capital Planning and Operations (changed to Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance or DCAM in 1999) and Hospital Efficiency Corporation for a ten year pilot project in energy conservation designed to pay for capital improvements at the College and save 1.4 million dollars in energy costs during the ten years.

Accreditation renewed


New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) awards 10 year accreditation.

Unemployed training


Massasoit Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Bridgewater State College and the Plymouth school system are offering vocational training and college courses to the unemployed through the Plymouth College Center.

Core curriculum adopted


Massasoit becomes the first public two year college to adopt a core curriculum. A pilot program is held in the spring semester with full implementation expected the following September.

Dr. Ernest L Boyer speaks at MCC


Dr. Ernest L Boyer, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning spoke at Massasoit Community College. In his speech he congratulated Massasoit for its initiative in academics, especially the adoption of a core curriculum for the times.

Long Range Plan submitted


Dr. Gerald F Burke, President, and Massasoit Community College’s Long Range Planning Committee submitted “The Long Range Plan- 1988-1993” to the Board of Regents of Higher Education.

Core Implementation Report submitted


Dr. Gerald F Burke, President, submitted the final report of the Core Implementation Group to the Board of Regents of Higher Education.

MCC TV Center awarded grant


The Massasoit Community College TV Center received a $30,000 grant from Brockton Community Cable Television. The funds are for several new programs in the coming season.

Senator Anna P. Buckley dedication


Dedication of the Senator Anna P. Buckley Fine Arts Center at Massasoit Community College, Brockton on October 18, 1989.

Harry E. Haff retires


Engineering professor Harry E. Haff was honored at his retirement for 21 years of teaching at Massasoit Community College.

Senior Summer Institute begins


The Senior Summer Institute began.

Record breaking statistics


Massasoit established new records with a 9% gain in applications and a 6% increase in enrollment.

Technology upgrade approved


Board of Trustees approved contract with Unisys Corporation of Wellesley for financing for an upgrade of the computer system to state-of-the-art technology.



Higher Education Coordinating Council (HECC) replaces the Board of Regents of Higher Education.

Academic All American Team


Massasoit student, Silvina Zarate, along with seven others was nominated to the Academic All American Team for 1991.

Soviet Union Agreement


Massasoit President Gerard F. Burke announced that Massasoit became first community college to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Soviet Union. The agreement will set the stage for discussions with the Supreme Soviet officials for a community college system in that country.

25th Jubilee


Special Jubilee Performance Series marks Massasoit’s 25th year.

“The Mikado”


Members of the Massasoit faculty and staff formed the Massasoit Silver Savoyards to perform “The Mikado” for the 25th anniversary celebration.

Hands-across-the sea program


Massasoit takes part in hands-across-the sea program with the Wider Horizons/ International Vocational Training Program with Ireland beginning on both the Brockton and Canton campuses.

Dr. Gerard F. Burke honored


Dr. Gerard F. Burke was honored by Temple Israel as “Brockton’s Best of ‘93” for his contributions to the city.

Early Childhood Conference at MCC


The first early childhood conference brought hundreds of day care specialists and educators from across New England to Massasoit.

Job Placement Center Opens


Massasoit opens The Job Placement Center; this program is the first of its kind. It is designed to help students find work while attending college and upon graduation in their chosen fields. There are also two computers available to help students create resume and learn new skills.

Recognition to MCC soccer players


The National Junior College Athletic Association and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America recognized 7 members of Massasoit Men’s soccer for their outstanding performances during the 1993 championship season.

Farewell to Marguerite Donovan


Marguerite Donovan stepped down as dean of students after 14 years.

Dental Program


The Dental Assistant Program in Canton received full approval on its accreditation status.

Tom Frizzell named "Coach of the Year"


Tom Frizzell was chosen as the Division 2 Northeast District Coach of the Year by the American Baseball Coaches Association.

Commencement Speaker, Jack Williams


Jack Williams, co-anchor of WBZ Channel 4 News spoke at Massasoit’s commencement ceremony.

Richard Frye awarded


Richard Frye awarded a Massasoit Community College Honorary Degree.

First, All-College Meeting


In the Spring, the first All-College Planning Meeting takes place

Accreditation renewed


New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) awards 10 year accreditation.

President Burke resigns


Dr. Gerard F. Burke resigns effective May 31.

Louis R. Colombo appointed interim president.

Theatre produced two plays


Massasoit Theatre Company produced two plays Romeo and Juliet in April as well as Damn Yankees in November.

HECC replaced


Board of Higher Education replaces HECC.

PLAN starts at MCC


The Proactive Learning Assistance Network (PLAN), a part of the U.S. Department of Education’s “TRiO Student Support Services” (SSS) Federal Program, started at Massasoit Community College.

Conference Center opens


The Conference Center opens, offering 7200 square feet of meeting space for local businesses and other community organizations.

Dr. Rose appointed president


Dr. Robert Rose is appointed fourth President of Massasoit Community College. (presidential term 1997-2001)

Weekend classes offered


Weekend class offerings start spring 1998

Kids College


Kids College offered during the summer.

SeniorNet begins


The SeniorNet program began in May at the Massasoit Senior Center .

Alzheimer program honored


Alzheimer exhibit and program received Certificate of Commendation from Brockton Mayor Yunits.

MCC #1 NJCCA baseball team


Massasoit Baseball goes in to post season play as #1 NJCCA team in the nation.

Julian Bond at MCC

April 3, 1998

Julian Bond addresses Massasoit community on April 3rd in Student Lounge.

1st Annual Gala

October 17, 1998

On October 17, 1998, the 1st Annual Massasoit Community College Gala is held, a fund raising activity run by the Massasoit Gala Committee and the Massasoit Foundation, Inc.

MCC hosts Conference


Massasoit hosts Teaching and Learning Conference in February 1999

WebCT arrived at MCC


Massasoit Community College purchases license for WebCT (now Blackboard Learning Management System), an online proprietary virtual learning environment system.

Student Union renamed


The Student Union is renamed Student Center.

Distance Education Program


Community College Presidents initiate statewide Distance Education Program



Massasoit Community College joins the Old Colony Library Network

The Associate published


“The Associate: a newsletter for alumni and friends of Massasoit Community College” is published.

2nd Annual Gala “Carnevale”

March 4, 2000

On March 4, 2000, the 2nd Annual Massasoit Community College Gala, “Carnevale” is held – a fund raising activity run by the Massasoit Gala Committee and the Massasoit Foundation, Inc.

Online courses offered


First online course is offered (course is taught completely online).

3rd Annual Gala, “An Evening In Paris”

March 3, 2001

On March 3, 2001, the 3rd Annual Massasoit Community College Gala, “An Evening In Paris” is held – a fund raising activity run by the Massasoit Gala Committee and the Massasoit Foundation, Inc.