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Greek City States

800 bc - 336 bc

City States in Greece that had different kings for each city state. Had first roots of democracy

Reign of Alexander The Great

336 bc - 323 bc

Alexender inherited a strong army and built a stronger empire.

High point in Roman Empire

200 bc - 200

One of largest empires 2.5 million sq miles and 88 million in population.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

period of social and political upheaval.


Unifiaction of Egypt

3100 BC

North Egypt conquered South Egypt.

kush conquest of egypt

760 bc

claimed rule of deterioating egypt and fight off warring tribes


Norte Chico

3000 bc - 1800 bc

theocratic civilization. oldest known cilvilazation in americas

Olmec civilization

1000 bc - 400 bc

monarch civilization. First civilization in mexico

mayan civilization

300 - 800

Mayan kings claimed their decent from gods and planets.

Spainish conquest of Aztecs and Incas

1520 - 1530

Spainish conquer civilizations for American resources.

America Declares Indepenance


America Declares Independance from Great Britian and stars Revlutionary War

Middle East

Beginning of Mesopotamian Civiliazation

3500 bc

Ran by Hammurabi's Code

Mongols Sack Baghdad


Mongols Expand into Middle East by conquering Baghdad

Ottoman Empire conquers Constantinople


Ottoman Empire Expands and conquers Byzantine Empire


Laozi rules china

600 bc

Rules China with theoacracy of daoism

Confucius rules china

551 bc - 479 bc

Rules China with theocracy confucianism

Political Fragmentation in China

500 bc - 221 bc

after collapse of han dynasty china becomes disunified

qin dynasty

221 bc - 206 bc

first unified power-centralized state in china history

Han Dynasty

206 bc - 220

divided into areas direcetly controlled by central govt

Yellow Turban Rebellion


peasants were forced to pay high taxes. attacks weakening han dynasty

Sui Dynasty

589 - 618

unifies china

Vietnam Independant from China


vietnam becomes indepdant from china

Song Dynasy

960 - 1279

divided into two periods, north and south song. maritime missions

Mongol Rule in China

1279 - 1368

mongol conqers china.

Collapse of Soviet Union


soviet union was losing money and collapsed