Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Civil War

fighting begins

March 21, 1991 - 1993

The RUF and the NPFL invaded Sierra Leone to overthrow Joseph Momoh.

RUF Takes Over

1992 - 2002

RUF captures land of Sierra Leone, overtakes their government, and becomes a sort of dictator to the Sierra Leone people.

Sierra Leone tries....

1993 - 1994

Sierra Leone's army tries to push back the RUF army. They get them all the way to the Liberian border, but the RUF recovers and continues to fight.

Sierra Leone forms NPRC


Sierra Leone tries to push the RUF by forming a group that would help fight, without actually having an army.

Executive Outcomes hired


The Sierra Leone people hired Executive Outcomes to repel agains the RUF.

We have a government


Sierra Leone finally became a government, and tried having the RUF sign a treaty called the Abidjan Peace Accord. However, the government just ended their contract with the Executive Outcomes beforehand, and the treaty was ignored by hostiles.

AFRC formed


Disgruntled, AFRC joined with the RUF to help fight. They first overtook Freetown, but realized that the rest of the hand was going to be hard to take.

War officially declared

1997 - 2000

When war was declared, mass rapes, murders and looting occurred. ECOMOG then became disgruntled, and took back Freetown. They, as well, realized that the lands that the RUF had already taken were going to be difficult to get back.

World Leaders step in

January 1999

World leaders, who became concerned with the fight, stepped in and tried to put out a peace offering by giving the leader of the RUF vice presidency, and rights to all wealth of the land. Then, the Lome Peace Accord was signed.

You stand alone.


The RUF were not going to stand down, but the British Operation Palliser defeated them. This was the end of the war.