Economic timeline sara nabors


First agricultural breakthrough

9000 BCE - 7000 BCE

In fertile crescent, the first agricultural breakthrough will prove a huge leap for the human race. Now settled life is an option, as opposed to prior hunter gathering ways

Beginning of iron working

1500 BCE - 1000 BCE

In sub-Sahara Africa (also Anatolia), iron working begins. This is breakthrough for a mass of new products will be able to be produced. This will be economically beneficial for producers and products

Beginning of trans-Saharan trade

300 CE

Beginning of trade will open up economic doors for all the involved parties. Now they can aquire goods they may not be able to have before.

Beginnig of Atlantic slave trade


Beginning of trade will open up economic doors for all the involved parties. Now they can aquire goods they may not be able to have before.

Benin begins to restrict slave trade


Benin restricts slave trade unlike surrounding cities in Africa. Only selling women slaves, but nobody really wanted women


Domestication of horses

4000 BCE

in Ukraine/ South Russia the domestication of horses is a breakthrough. Horses will be economically beneficial domesticated in the selling and buying

Urban centers in Ganges Valley

750 BCE

In South Asia and India urban centers will arise. These centers will foster their home economy, a place of mass buying and selling

Chinese rejection of British for open trade


The Chinese rejection of British for open trade will hurt the British. Prior to the rejection the British traded greatly with the Chinese, consequently the new restricions will only hurt them (british)

First Opium War

1838 - 1876

The first opium war results in the legalization of opium in Europe, which could prove beneficial to their economy, but many people protested it for its lazy and sluggish effects. It was seen as Asian poison to say it one way

Taiping in China

1850 - 1864

The taiping rebellion weakened the Manchu goverment so much that it could not effectively rule again. Therefor the rebellion caused economic downfall.


High point in Roman Empire

200 BCE - 200 CE

The high point in the Roman Empire will also mark the high point of the roman economy. Their profits are maxamized


1400 - 1600

The renaissance will foster a variety of new ideas and ways of thinking. These ideas will benefit their enocomny, for they are in a high point of the economy

British and Dutch East India companies begin operations in Asia

1600 - 1602

Europeans will largely take over Sea trade in the Indian Ocean. This is caused from their ineffiency to produce their own wanted goods, so they took over the Asian ones

High point of plantation system and slave trade


The high point of both plantation system and slave trade will yeild a great number of slaves to be used for mass labor on plantations. Again, the slaves will be treated harshly

Atlantic slave trade peaks


As the Atlantic slave trade peaks, it will benefit both Africa and the reciever greatly. Though, slaves will be treawted brutally

European Enlightenment


When the Europen enlightenment begins, it will offer new economic perspectives. Ideas like socialism will arise out of the enlightenment

Beginning of British Industrial Revolution


The beggings of the Industrial Revolution in England will be the result of their schools being free from the goverment, and the support of the govermenmt in new ways of thinking. The industrial revolution will eventually spread through the rest of Europe, but takes its roots in England for these reasons

Beginnings of antislavery movement


The beginnings of the antislavery movement will eventually result in the almost complete annihilation of slavery. This will have a large effect on world economy, especially Africa, for it had been based around slave trade for a long while

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The French revolution will mark the overthrow the goverment. Tired of poverty, the radicals will overthrow the goverment in bloody battles. No one really wins, but the goverment puts into play reforms that satisfy the rebels. This revolution remade the french enconomy

Publication of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto


The publication of the communist manifesto will inspire many revolutions to take on a more socialist styled economy. Though it will be accepted in many rebellious causes, it never took hook in America, the people there were already content with things and did not need a new way of running things

North America

Louisiana Purchase


Napoleons Louisiana purchase will be greatly beneficial for the Napoleon. In perspective, he bought a great amount of land for a small sum of money

California gold rush


The gold rush in California will prove beneficial for their economy. The rush will bring people and profit

South America

First portugese plantation in Brazil


The first portugese plantation in Brazil will mark the beginning of an empire. Their plantations across seas will maxamize profits for them for a time

Discovery of silver near Potosi


The discrovery of silver is a huge breakthrough, being that it will be so widely used in throughout the world as currency. Potosi will also become one of the largest silver mining cities

Hatian Revolution

1791 - 1803

The Hatian revolutions' outcome resulted bad for their economy. As the land was divided up equally to everyone, former slaves included, the bigger ruling plantations were diminished consequently loosing Haiti their earlier profit