Joshua Fritz ; Period 5


The Americas

900 B.C.E.

Mediterranean Basin/ Europe

800 B.C.E.


600 B.C.E.

Middle East/ Persia

600 B.C.E.

South Asia/ India

563 B.C.E.


300 C.E.


Life of Laozi

600 B.C.E. - 500 B.C.E.

Between these dates, not exact; the founder of Daosim; the way of nature and goes hand-in-hand with Confuncianism



551 B.C.E. - 479 B.C.E.

Founder of Confucianism, five distinct relationships, many followers in China, used for civil service exams in Chinese courts, goes hand-in-hand with daosim


Life of Buddha

563 B.C.E. - 483 B.C.E.

Siddhartha Guatama, founder of Buddhism, prince of India

Spread of Buddhism Begins

300 B.C.E. - 200 B.C.E.

Spread rapidly through China and throughout the silk road through the efforts of Buddhist Monks' travels

Suppression Of Buddhism

845 C.E.

Buddhism seen as bad and as outside culture and is not Chinese


Hebrew Prophets

800 B.C.E - 500 B.C.E.

Followers of Christianity, foretold the coming of a savior named Jesus Christ

Life of Jesus

4 B.C.E. - 30 C.E.

Jesus Christ, went around talking about talking at about eternal life and God, and died at the request of Pharisees

Introduction of Christianity in Axum

300 C.E. - 400 C.E.

Growth of Christianity

Christianity as official state religion of Roman Empire

380 C.E.

Roman Emperor claimed Christianity setting it as the religion of the state

Conversion of Kievan Rus to Christianity

988 C.E.

Russian becoming a Christian State

First Crusade

1095 C.E. - 1099 C.E.

Won by Christian Armies

Crusaders Seize Jerusalem


Christians Seize Jerusalem

Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia

1100 C.E. - 1600 C.E.

Christianity starting to become larger in Africa

Christian-Muslim Conflict in Ethiopia

1500 C.E. - 1530 C.E.

Christian state of Ethiopia meets islam

Beginning of Protestant Reformation


Martin Luther posted 95 thesis statement on Catholic Church


Life of Zarathustra

700 B.C.E. - 600 B.C.E.

Not Exact, between these dates


Life of Muhammad

570 C.E. - 632 C.E.

Founder of Islam

Islam and Arab Culture introduced in North Africa

600 C.E. - 800 C.E.

North Africa becoming an Islamic State

Qur'an Compiled

650 C.E.

Sacred Islamic Book

Emergence of Shia Islam

656 C.E.

Branch of Islam

Emergence of Sufism

800 C.E. - 1000 C.E.

Branch of Islam

Kings of Ghana convert to Islam

900 C.E. - 960 C.E.

Converted between these dates, which set the religion for their countries.

Wars of Islamic renewal in West Africa

1670 C.E. - 1820 C.E.

West Africa was conflicted with Christian States

Wahhabi movement of Islamic renewal in Arabia

1740 C.E. - 1818 C.E.

Islamic Renewal, more faith based

Pagan Religions

Chavin religious cult in Andes

900 B.C.E. - 800 B.C.E.

Pagan religion of indigenous people before the Spanish arrive

Anasazi culture, Ancestral Pueblo

600 C.E. - 1150 C.E.

Religions and Culture of Pueblo, located in now present day Arizona