Timeline of Vietnam's History *Shay & Ebony*


Vietnamese freedom


After hundreds of years of Chinese rule the Vietnamese people win back their freedom.

First Europeans


The first Europeans to visit Vietnam are called the Portugese and they came from Portugal they visited Vietnam to set up trading companies.

The French invasion.


French invade Vietnam in 1858. Then Vietnam becomes a French colony.

World War II

1939 - 1945

A communist group called the Viet Minh was led by a freedom fighter called Ho Chi Minh's group fought against the Japenese but before that fought Vietnam was controlled by the Japenese.

Vietnam war

1959 - 1973

Northen Vietnamese forces want to make the whole country a communist country but the southern Vietnamese don't want the whole country to be a communist group so they have a war, the southern Vietnamese people are forced to with draw in 1973. North Vietnam take full controll of Vietnam in 1975.

Encouraging Visitors.


The Vietnamese Government began a new policy called Doi Moi to encourage more visitors to visit Vietnam.