History of Vietnam(Daniel,Ray)


Vietnam ruled by lords

1600 - 1700

Vietnam is ruled in the north by the Tranh lords and in the south by the Nguyen lords. The Nguyen lords successfully expand their rule into the mekong delta.

French invasion


In 1858 Vietnam invaded. This military action caused Vietnam to become a French colony.

World war 2

1939 - 1945

During World War II Japanese forces invade Vietnam. Vietnam, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh resisted the Japanese. Thr Japanese still control the country until 1945.

French forced to leave

1945 - 1954

France regains control of Vietnam at the end o world war II. However, the Viet minh wanted independence for the vietnamese people and they fight a guerilla war against the French which ends 1954.

The Vietnam war

1959 - 1973

The north Vietnamese forces want to make all of vietnam a communist state. the USA and Australia support the south Vietnamese in the war against the north vietnemese, but are forced to withdraw in 1973. North Vietnam gains full control over the country in 1975

Visitors encourage visitors to Visit Vietnam


After more then 10 years of closing Vietnam off to the world, the vietnamese Goverment begins a new policy of encouraging foreign investment called doi moi.