War of 1812 Battles


The Constitution Vs. The Guerriere


This battle was between America (USS Constitution) and Britain (HMS Guerriere) This was one of the 1st battles in the War of 1812. It took place 400 southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This battle raised American morale.

Battle of Lake Erie

September 10,1813

This battle was between the U.S Navy and Great Britain's Royal Navy. It took place in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio. Nine US vessels defeated and captured six of Britain's vessels. This ensured American control of the lake for the rest of the war and broke the confederation of Tecumseh.

Battle of Thames

October 5, 1813

This battle was between America and Great Britain. It took place near Chatham, Ontario in Upper Canada. It was a decisive victory for America and resulted in the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh's, death. The coalition Tecumseh led was destroyed

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

March 27, 1814

This was a battle between the U.S State forces and the Creek Indian tribe. I took place in central Alabama. Major General Andrew Jackson defeated the Red Sticks which was a Creek Indian tribe that opposed American expansion. It ended the Creek War

Attack on Fort Henry

September 13, 1814

This battle was between America and Britain. It took place in Baltimore, Maryland. A coastal-shaped fort defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British Navy. During this, Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star Spangled Banner" that became the nation anthem of the U.S.

Battle of New Orleans

January 8, 1815

This battle was between the American forces commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson and the British Army. It took place in New Orleans and this is when the American forces defeated an invading British Army because they were trying to seize New Orleans. The battle of New Orleans was the greatest American land victory of the war and the last important battle.