War of 1812 Battle Timeline


The Constitution VS Guerriere

August 19, 1812

The battle was against the United States Navy and the Royal Navy. The United States Attacked the British because they were easy to attack and fragile, they already had vessels sent out to that area. This battle was taken place on the Atlantic Ocean.

Battle Of Lake Erie


The goal was to break Britain’s control of Lake Erie.
The battle was taken place in Lake Erie on the Canadian Border.
Perry sailed out on September 10th to meet the British.
The battle began in 1813.
It was a battle between United States and the British

Battle Of Thames

October 1813

: General Harrison marched his army to the Thames River for battle
It was a battle between Harrison’s Troops and combined force of British and the Native Americans.
The battle was taken place in Thames River.
The battle began in October 1813.
Since they took control of Lake Erie, they wanted to take control of Thames River.

Battle Of Horseshoe Bend

March 27, 1814

Red Stick Creek and United States Lower Creek.
The battle was taken place near Dadeville, Alabama
This battle is considered a part of the battle that happened in 1812.
The battle began in March 27, 1814.
The Native Americans wanted to stop the expansion of United States.

Battle Of New Orlean

January 8, 1815

Andrew Jackson was the commander of New Orleans and they fought against Britain.
British attacked Jackson’s Troops.
The British wanted to take over the Mississippi River and the city.
The battle began in January 8, 1815
The battle was taken place In New Orleans.

Attack On Fort McHenry

September 13, 1815

The British attacks Fort McHenry.
Britain and United States.
The battle was taken place in Baltimore, Maryland.
The battle began in September 13-14, 1815.
British heard that it was a base of many American Soldiers.