War of 1812


USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere

July 17 1812

During the war of 1812 the USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere got into a over sea battle. After a struggling battle, the undefeated USS Constitution won, and sunk the HMS Guerriere.

Lake Erie


The United States wanted to get control of Lake Erie, so they gave this mission to Oliver Hazard Perry. on September 10 when he sailed out to meet the British, the battle of Lake Erie began. In the end the British surrendered. This victory gave the U.S. hope.


October 1813

After the battle for Lake Erie, General Harrison and his army went to Canada. While there, they battled a combination of British and Natives, at Thames River. In the end the U.S. was victorious again. This ended the British power in the North west.

Horseshoe Bend


In the south Creek Indians were angry that Americans were settling into their land, and were attacking. Militia Andrew Jackson lead a battle to the Horseshoe Bend of the Tallapoosa River, were they fought the angry natives and won. Then a treaty was signed called the "Treaty of Fort Jackson" which made the creek give up a lot of land. This ended the Creek wars.

Fort McHenry

September 12, 1814

The British sailed up to the U.S ships and began firing at Fort McHenry. Scott Key, who was watching the battle for 25 hours on another ship, was inspired to write the Star-Spangled Banner.

How Did the of 1812 End? what happened at the Hartford Convention?

December 24, 1814

To end the war, a treaty called "Treaty of Ghent" was signed. So now the war was over, but the federalist at the Hartford Convention didn't know that. Right before they found out, the war was over, they sent delegates to meet with congress, to oppose the war. Because of this they were a laughing stock, and lost political power.

New Orleans


After the British attacked Washington, they were planning to attack New Orleans, hoping to take control of the Mississippi River. Andrew Jackson had his surround New Orleans and were ready to fight. The British were caught in the open and were defeated. This battle made Andrew Jackson a hero, and was the last major fight in the War of 1812.