Events of War of 1812


Napoleonic War

1803 - 1815

Great Britain and France fought the European Supremacy. This war lasted every long. When they fought Napoleon Bonaparte had power.

Chesapeake-Leopard Fight

June 22,1807

Chesapeake was a US Navy that and was one of the events that lead to the War of 1812. The British captain refused to have the Chesapeake prize. Three Americans were in this fight and the third died.

Embargo Act

December 22,1807

This was a law banned trade only in France and Britain. This Act also forbid American ship from leaving. It also wanted to stop violating the U.S.

Non-Intercourse Act

March 1,1809

This was a law that ban commerce between Americans and France. The congress closed it's port and international.

Battle of Tippecanoe

November 7,1811

This battle was in the Ohio River Valley it was when Tecumseh brother had led a attack on Harrison's army. This was also fought by Tippecanoe River and it was fought Shawnee Indians and U.S. forces.

US declares war

June 18,1812

Battle of York

April 27,1813

U.S troops took control of the Great Lakes that burned York. This action was later done again by British burning down the Washington,D.C. This was also one of the first Americans victories on the land during the War of 1812.

Hardford Covention

December 15,1814 - January 5,1815

The convention removed the three fifths compromise. The slaves didn't have power anymore. The convention would discuss the problems of the ongoing war.

Treaty of Ghent

December 24,1814

This treaty was in Ghent,Belgium and Great Britain and the United States wanted to resolution. This made the British and U.S relationship get worse.

Battle of New Orleans

January 8,1815

This battle was important because after this the War of 1812 ended. The British wanted to capture New Orleans and many were killed and wounded. Jackson fought to defeat the British in this battle.