Global Crisis Outline


Treaty of Verailles


A peace Treaty that ended the state of war between Germane and the Allied Powers

Neutrality Acts


Mandatory arms embargo against both sides of any military conflict. It also directed the president to warn citizens to not travel on warring nations' ships.

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

A war between the Spanish Republicans who were loyal to the established Spanish Republic, and the Nationalists who were the rebels led by General Francisco Franco.

1936 Olympics


The summer Olympics hosted in Berlin, German. Two years before the Nazis came into power. Hitler became angry with some of the even winners due to their skin color. Jewish athletes were not aloud to participate.

Joe Louis VS. Max Schmeling (A)


Fights between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. Schmeling won the first fight.

US Panay


Japanese aviators bombed and sank the US Panay. The Japanese also claimed that it was an accidents to the US took their word for it and forgave the Japs. The attacked was overlooked.

Cash and Carry Policy


This policy was requested by FDR and replaced the Neutrality Acts, stating that warring nations could purchase only nonmilitary goods from the US by paying cash and shipping purchases themselves.

Quarantine Speech


A speech given by FDR. This speech warned the dangers of Japanese actions and stated that aggression should be quarantined to prevent the contagion of war from spreading.

Austria Annexation


This was when the Nazi troops invaded Austria and took over and Hitler gained rule.



A German term for Germany taking over European land.

Joe Louis VS. Max Schmeling (B)


Louis won the second fight. This fight was meant to create a pugilistic spectacle remarkable; there was a larger impact. Louis (athlete) was among few focal points for African American pride in the 1930's. The fights symbolized the struggle between Democracy and Fascism. Louis was one of the first true African American national heroes in the U.S.

Munich Pact- Appeasement

1938 - 1939

The French and the British agreed to accept the German Demands in Czechoslovakia in return for Hitlers promise to expand no further. This pact failed, both sides to blame.

Steamship St Louis


A ship full of Jews left Europe because of persicution. They sailed to Cuba but Cuba rejected them. Then they said to Florida but the United states sent them away because they didn't want to side with anyone in the war and because of the Immigration Act; only a certain amount of immigrants were aloud into the country at a time.

Non- Aggression Pact


Stating that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union would not attack each other.

Invasion of Poland


Hitler staged and incident on the Polish saying Germany had been attacked. Germany then had a full scale invasion on Poland. Two days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany.



In English meaning "Lightning war." Germany's massive invasion on Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Election of 1940


The election was between FDR and Wendell Wilkie. This was FDR's third time running for president which brought up a lot of problems. Wilkie used much enthusiasm but FDR still won the election using the promise of staying out of war. FDR won with 55% of the popular vote and 449 electoral votes.

The Blitz

1940 - 1941

When German Luftwaffe terrorized London and other British cities. Germany bombed civilian areas to break spirit of English which was ineffective. British used to gain support from U.S.

Pear Harbor


Japanese bombers attacked the US naval base. 2,400 American men died, while 1000 were injured. Japanese only suffered light losses. This attack led to the declaration of war on Japan by the US. Japan's European Allies then declared war on the US.

Atlantic Charter


The Atlantic Charter was the goal that the United States wanted to accomplish with Britain.

Lend-Lease Policy

1941 - 1945

USA supplies materials to United Kingdom, Soviet Union, China, France, and the Allied Nations. It was an act to further promote the defense of the United States.

Oil and Scrap Metal Embargo


The United States allied with other countries. Japan became very angry at this.