Eye Doctor Fiasco

Doctor VIsits

History Of Doctor visits and diagnosis

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Told him you could not see well out of left eye bury vision.
Told him history of Macular degeneration and history of detached retinas in family.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Surgery Somerset Hospital Remove cataract from Right Eye.
They said surgery went well

Dr. Assoc


He said post surgery everything well right eye. Ron said good, but I can't see well out of left eye and it's the bigger issue. Brother Mike questioned doctor as to whether they (Doctors) are checking for detachments., Assoc said "He was sure they had been, but we could vistit doctor Daniel Vittone again. Assoc didn't have records.

Dr. Daneil Vittone


Ron when back to see Vittone. Ron complained again about vision in left eye. Doctor told Ron, he had a cataract in left eye and it was the problem.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Follow up visit for Right . Doctor said right eye was doing well and prescribed drops. Scheduled Left eye surgery.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Somerset . Surgery left eye. Doctor said went well.



Follow up to prior days left eye surgery.
Assoc discovered that Ron did have a detached retina in left eye. Immediately sent to Pittsburgh to schedule emergency surgery with Retina Vitreous Consultants. Bother took him immediately to Pittsburgh for evaluation.

Dr. Conrad West Penn Hospital


DR Conrad operated on left eye. He was concerned about amount of time it took to find detachment, but would do his best.. After surgery Dr told brother Mike it went well and the Retina unfolded nicely and put back in place. Dr told Mike he really wanted to use a Scleral Buckle to keep eye shaped correctly, but because of the stiches in the eye from the cataract surgery 3 days before he couldn't do it. .

Retina Vitreous Consultants Johnstown.


Follow up visit for detached left retina. Said it looks good.. Keep head down. All looks well.

Dr. Judy C Liu M.D. Retina Vitreous Consultants


Dr said it (left eye retina) was detached again and scheduled surgery for next day in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Follow up for both cataract surgeries.. Dr. Daniel thought left eye detached again. Ron was sent to Retina Vitreous Consultants again. ,

Dr. Judy C Liu


Surgery day They said it went well. Dr. Judy used a Scleral Buckle like Dr. Conrad wanted to do in first detachment surgery.

Dr. Judy C Liu


Follow up visit for prior day surgery. Eye attached, looked good. use drop and keep head down.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Checkup left eye see paper

Dr. Daniel Vittone


See paper documentation.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


See paper documentation

Dr. Daniel Vittone


See paper documentation

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Doctor used hot laser to remove some kind of scar tissue.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Went back to doctor complaining about excessive eye watering and double vision. Ron was in discomform. Dr. said it was inflamed and gave Ron Drops. Told Ron he didn't want to see him again until Ron sees Dr. Liu again.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Ron complaining again about burry vision. See Paper documentation.

Dr. Daniel Vittone


Ron still has burry Vision. See paper documentation.