Egyptian Timeline


Egyptian Civilization Starts

3150 BC

This is when the Egyptian Civilization started.

Giza was built

2550 B.C.

This was when The Great Pyramid of Giza was built. This pyramid was built for King Khufu to be his tomb and final resting place.

God uses Joseph

1776 BC

God uses Joseph to save Egypt by interpreting the king's dream.

The Israelites Leave Egypt

1600 BC

God used Moses to free the Israelites in Egypt. (

Battle of Megiddo

1479 BC

This battle was against Syria which had very few men. The Egyptians had a lot more men and conquered them. They gained many items of value from defeating (

Battle of Kadesh

1288 BC

This was the battle of Kadesh where they were being controlled by the Hittites and wanted to gain control of Kadesh. The Egyptians needed to take over the city to control Syria. (

Egyptian Civilization End

31 BC