Stephen Smith timeline

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-Mortal Life

March 3, 1171 3:35AM - March 7, 1275

His life as a Mortal.

Purified Life

March 7, 1275 - October 1, 2013

Event under this happened after his Enlightenment.

Reality Ripples Timeline

Juliette d'Escouperie


Same as Prime Timeline, only sooner.


Where he lived, when

Europe, London

March 3, 1171 - October 9, 1192


October 9, 1192 - April 14, 1201

Tibet, China

April 4, 1201 - March 3, 1375


March 3, 1375 - December 31, 1400

Stephen left China to explore the world. His first stop was the little island chain across the sea.


January 1, 1401 - August 30, 1446

Stephen lived in France in the Era of Joan of Arc. He was never actually able to meet the Maid of Orleans, but was inspired by her tale, and took it as a cautionary one as well.


May 3, 1596 - April 4, 1602


June 4, 1941 - August 2002

Puerto Rico

June 2012 - December 2015

Love Life

Romance: Annie

May 15, 1727 - February 23, 1750

Reconnected with Annie

June 2012 - October 2013

Met Annie at an Accord function, and has stayed with her in Puerto Rico since then.

Mortal Events


March 3, 1171 3:36AM - August 23, 1187

He was born and raised in London, a son of a servant in a Lord's household.

3rd Crusade

August 24, 1187 - October 9, 1192

Forcibly recruited into the English forces of the King's Crusade, Stephen survived all the way to the end of it. However, in the last battle of the war, he was taken prisoner, and sent to the east.


October 9, 1192 - April 4, 1201

Stephen was sent from Master to Master, being forced into servitude, traveling slowly east, eventually making it to Tibet.

Monastic Life

April 4, 1201 - March 3, 1375

During this time, Stephen lived in a Taoist temple in Tibet, rarely leaving. He did grow to be more of a teacher to the newer residents, as he quickly picked up on the wisdom and power offered in Daoist teachings.

Opening of the Globe Theatre

September 21, 1599

Stephen attends the opening of the Globe Theatre, when the Lord Chamberlain's Men perform William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.


June 28, 1727 - December 3, 1730

Stephen stayed on with Annie while she finished out her contract as a privateer. He proved most useful as both a healer and weapon.

World War II

June 4, 1941 - April 15, 1945

Stephen spent much of this time in war zones, healing those he could, and working against the Axis powers from the Shadow.

Athena Megalospyropoulos

August 2001 - August 2002

Stephen met a very young Athena Megalospyropoulos at the boarding school she attended in Germany, where he taught history.

Supernatural Events


November 1244

Met Memeferre for the first time when the Arisened broke into his temple and stole a relic from their care.

Discovered process of Purification

June 23, 1260

Stephen, while in meditation, has a vision that allows him to pursue enlightenment. He concentrates on that, until his mortal death.


February 23, 1750 - July 23, 1765

Some of Annie's old friends, seeing her youthful again, gathered her up and started burning her at the stake. A Hunter, who was on her trail, was there, performing an exorcism, which had the possibility of actually draining her before she died. In saving her, Steven's body was destroyed, and he took heavy spiritual damage, causing him to retreat deep into the Spirit Realm to recover.


July 23, 1765 11:59PM

Steven finally manages to safely recreate and inhabit his body.

Juliette d`Escouperie


Stephen watched as a vampire got close to a noble family, and subtly influenced him not to touch the girl he was intending to Embrace.

Said vampire quietly left the country very soon after the incident.

Became a Gatekeeper

Apr 16, 1945

Mike McConnell

November 2009

While following an Awakened Servant Stephen happened upon Mike McConnell, who was also hunting him. Mike didn't know about the Truth yet.

Together, they took down the servant, Stephen healed Mike, and took his leave.

Langley Massacre

June 12, 2010

Stephen's students, Matthew, Jack, and Emily were at the regional council meeting when John Langley attacked.

He was on a scouting mission, so wasn't in attendance when his students were murdered by Langley's forces.

Albany,New York

June 2012

Stephen followed some of his fellow Gatekeepers to a memorial for a fallen cell in Albany New York. Met Annie Again.

Purified Events


March 7, 1275

Stephen attempts his Ritual, chasing what he hopes to be Enlightenment, a transcendence beyond the physical. He succeeds, dying while he meditates on a locus.


March 10, 1275

Steven returns to his body, the ravages age sliding off of him like a snake shedding skin. He now looks better than he did in his prime, with all the experience of his already long life.

Met Annie Reed

October 3, 1714

Annie's captain made the mistake of attacking the ship which Steven happened to be travelling on. It ended better for his ship than hers.


May 1, 1727 - June 29, 1727

Stephen had booked passage on Annie's ship. During a storm, Annie was swept off deck while helping her crew. Stephen jumped in after her, and when she woke, they were on an island, where they spent almost 2 months waiting for rescue. It was during their stay that they became romantically involved.

Teaching Annie

June 30, 1727 - February 23, 1735

Stephen starts teaching Annie what she needs to know to start her journey in Purification. The first few years were aboard her ship, and later, after she retired, he took her to one of his safe houses to finish her training.


February 23, 1735

Annie, his student and lover, achieves her Purification.


1863 - 1869

Gabriel (James Ruggiero) drew Stephen's attention by his staunch defense of Chinese immigrants working on the railroad.

He approached him and trained him in several areas, but he had a stubborn prideful streak that kept him from being ready.

After training him in how to learn, Stephen left Gabriel to study on his own, keeping an eye on him from afar.

When he was almost ready, Stephen sent him on a spirit quest to 'wrestle immortality' from a spirit. The quest finally broke his pride, leading him to his purification in the Shadow.

Training Devotees

May 3, 1900 - April 5, 1950

Stephen found 3 young children who had been heavily injured trying to stop a lynching of a young black boy.

They had tried to stop the boy's hanging by cutting the rope. In response, the mob beat them almost to death. They succeeded on stopping the hanging.

When Stephen found them, he healed them, and took them in. Over the next 5 decades, he trained them, educated them, and eventually all 3 of them succeeded in the Purification ritual.

Their names were Matthew, Jack, & Emily

Met Sophia

April 5, 1927

Stephen stepped in and saved a little girl from getting ran over by a car. And cars in those days could make pancakes out of children like nobody's business.

Trapped in the Shadow

April 5, 1950 - January 23, 1960

During a trip in the Shadow, Stephen was trapped by a powerful spirit. Eventually, the spirit was destroyed, and the energies powering it dissipated, allowing him to escape back to his own body.

World Events

3rd Crusade

March 1187 - October 9, 1192

4th Crusade

August 1198 - September 4, 1207

5th Crusade

April 1215 - August 30, 1221

6th Crusade

June 28, 1228 - October 17, 1244

7th Crusade

1245 - April 24, 1253

8th Crusade

June 30, 1270 - August 25, 1270

9th Crusade

April 8, 1271 - 11/21/1272

Hundred Years War

June 1337 - July 17, 1453

Europe's Black Death era

October 1347 - December 1351

Outbreak of the Black Death in Europe.

Revolutionary War

April 19, 1775 - September 3, 1783

American Civil War

January 1861 - April 9, 1865

Over 1 million casualties in 4 years, 3 weeks and 8 days.

Assassination of Presdent Lincoln

April 14, 1865

World War I

July 28, 1914 - January 10, 1920

World War II

September 1, 1939 - May 8, 1945

Hitler commits suicide

April 30, 1945