Assyrian Timeline


Assyrian Empire Time Period

2500 B.C. - 722 B.C.

The Assyrian Empire started when people settled in Nineveh. Nineveh was found around the year of 2500 B.C. The Assyrian empire began with a monarch, ruled by Tukulti-Ninurta. No one is certain of the exact date when the Assyrian Empire began. There is not a lot of evidence to show of when the empire began.


1235 B.C. - 1198 B.C.

The Assyrian empire began with a monarch, ruled by Tukulti-Ninurta from 1235-1198 B.C. When Tukulti-Ninurta was the king, Assyria began their first conquests, such as the conquest of Babylon.

Defeating Babylonia

1208 B.C.

The King Tukulti-Ninurta I in 1244-1208 B.C. was the best in the Assyrian middle period. He beat Babylonia and let puppet kings hold the area so that no Babylonians could over power the Assyrians, this lasted about 32 years.


1116 B.C. - 1090 B.C.

Tiglath-Pileser began ruling in 1116 B.C, he extended the Assyrian empires dominance toward Syria and Armenia. This was one of Assyria's greatest accomplishments. The Assyrian Empire expanded their dominance even more under Tiglath-Pileser's reign.

The greatest period of the Assyrian conquest

858 B.C - 824 B.C

Shalmeneser III ruled in 858-824 B.C. He conquered all of Syria, Palestine, Armenia, Babylon, and southern Mesopotamia. The Assyrians decided that they would do something with the people that they conquered. They would force the people that they conquered to go live in different parts of the kingdom of Assyria. The Assyrians were very harsh and cruel and often showed no mercy to their enemies.

Sennacherib, King of Assyria, besieging Jerusalem

704 B.C. - 681 B.C.

Sennacherib was one of the Kings of Assyria between 704 and 681 B.C. King Hezekiah (king of Judah) in 701 B.C there was a rebellion in Judah, so Sennacherib led the Assyrian army to fight against Judah and defeated Jerusalem.

The Fall of the Assyrian Empire in Mesopotamia

625 B.C.

The Assyrian empire was the second largest empire during that time period and was finally defeated. The people were killed and scattered across the Babylonian empire.

The Babylonians defeat the Assyrians

608 B.C

The Babylonians defeated Assyria in the battle of Carchemish. This is one of the biggest battles that took place during that time period.