Intermission Theatre Timeline

Process of creating Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier and UW-Madison Student Org Intermission Theatre.


Ideas for songs

2009 - 2010

Inspiration for musical


After seeing the 2009 Star Trek film, Connors and Elmer were inspired to create a musical parody based on the Star Trek franchise.

Circulation of plot ideas

2009 - 2010

Tentative list of characters established

2009 - 2010

Song demos

2010 - 2011

After establishing a main plot, Connors and Elmer played around with sample lyrics and melodies, eventually creating entire demos of songs.

60-70% of script written

2010 - 2011

Within this period of time, the majority of the script was written. Both Connors and Elmer spent significant time crafting lines and writing scenes.

Began search for venue and organization

September, 2011 - January, 2012

Connors and Elmer tried to find a pre-existing student theatre organization to work with in producing their musical, Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier, but were unsuccessful due to creative differences.

Founding of Intermission Theatre

August, 2012

After trying unsuccessfully to find the right organization to work with, Connors and Elmer created their own UW Madison student org dedicated to putting on original student theatrical productions.

Script finished

September, 2012

Finalizations to script and music

September, 2012 - March, 2013

Auditions for Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier

December, 2012

Cast list posted

December, 2012

Orchestration of music

December, 2012 - January, 2013

Despite having written all the songs to piano accompaniment, Nick Connors also had to orchestrate the entire musical score for the pit orchestra.

Building of set

December, 2012 - January, 2013

Connors and Elmer along with a team of helpful parents and volunteers worked with a set designer to create the set for Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier. The entire set was constructed at Kimberly High School over winter break.

Weekly rehearsals

January, 2013 - March, 2013

The cast and pit began rehearsals the last week of January.

Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier premiere

March 14, 2013 - March 16, 2013

After eight weeks of rehearsal, Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier premieres March 14-16 at the Bartell Theatre, Madison, WI.