Boat Road to detention in Malta

Timeline for Boat Ride to Detention

Immigrants by the Mediterranean migration route

2002 - 2013

15000 migrants have reached Malts by this route.

Migrants by boat

2002 - 2011

14,735 migrants traveled by boat to Malta, an average of 1,470 per

Migrant numbers Peaked

2002 - 2008

In 2008, migrant numbers peaked to 2,775 migrants.

Dublin II regulation, promulgated

2003 - 2013

mandates that an individual’s asylum application must be processed in the country where the individual first entered the EU.

Detention time Capped

2005 - 2013

Maltese authorities have capped detention at 12 months for asylum seekers and at 18 months for those who have not applied for asylum or whose asylum claims have been rejected in the first and second instances.

Children arriving in Malta

2007 - 2008

400 children arrived in Malta claiming to be unaccompanied.

Violation of Right of Liberty

2010 - 2011

the European Court of Human Rights found that Malta’s detention of an Algerian asylum seeker, Khaleed Louled Massoud, violated the right to liberty found in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Unaccompanied migrant numbers

2011 - 2012

there were 61 unaccompanied minors recognized by the Maltese authorities after an age determination process, of whom 29 were from Somalia.

People died crossing Mediterranean route

2011 - 2012

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
estimates that 1,500 people died attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe in 2011, which amounts to approximately 2.5 percent of the 58,000 migrants who made the crossing