A timeline in Propaganda, 1929 - 1945


'the depression' hit Germany


Lenin died and Stalin Controlles Russia (the Soviet Union)


America came in 'the depression'


this was the time when America came in the money depression and the economy was bad.

Germany began to recover from 'the depression'


A lot of countries in Europe were in ‘the depression’. This was a name for the time that the countries had a bad economy.

Election Campaigns- Hitler and the Nazi campaigned hard


Hitler and the Nazis campaigned hard and the won 107 seats

Princess Juliana started a crisis committee


Princess Juliana started a crisis committee to help the unemployed people in the Netherlands. A lot of wealthy people did this to help the unemployed people but the problem was way to big. But they did help some families.

election campaigns


Hitler and the Nais won 230 seats

Hitler stood for president but lost from Hindenburg


Hitler came to power


Hitler came to powe and made himself president. He gave him self a new title: Fürher. He calles his government the Third Reich.

the Reichstag burned down


the Reichstag was the parliament. No party had a majority in the Reichstag. The building where the Reichstag had their meetings was burned down.

Hitler proposed the 'Enabling law'


the 'Enabling law' allowed Hitler to rule without the Reichstag for 4 years.

Election campaign


Hitler and the Nazis won 233 seats

Hitler banned all the political parties

July 1933

Hitler banned all the political parties. But he did not ban the Nazis

Russia (Soviet Union) joined the Leaque of Nations


SA led a boycot to Jewish shops


Germany left the Leaque of Nations


The Leaque of Nations is a peace treaty. Countries could join this peace treaties. (the Leaque of Nations) this was set up to prevent wars. But many countries did not join. Or many powerfull countries were not allowed to join. The leaque was President Wilson's idea. Germany was also not allowed to join. Altough they did join at a certain moment. that was in 1926. But Germany left in 1934. That was also the year that Russia (then called the Soviet Union) finally joined.

Hindenburg died

August 1934

Hindenburg was the only one that could stop Hitler from having all the power.

The Nuremburg laws


-Jews had no right to vote
-Jews were not allowed to mary non-Jews
-Jews were separated form the population
-Jews had to wear a yellow star

Hitler build a bigger army

March 1935

Hitler ordered the German army to reoccupy the Rhineland

March 1936

Hitler signed the Rome-Berlin axis

October 1936

Hitler signed the Rome-Berlin axis with Italy, so Germany had a major ally

Dutch economy started to improve


The Dutch economy came out of 'the depression'

Hitler invaded Austria


Chamberlain returned from Munich

September 1938

Chamberlain returned from Munich saying Britain, France, Italy and Germany had signed a peace treaty. Germany was given Sudentenland as a price for signing this peace treaty.

The Nazis organized Kristalnacht

19 november 1938

Jewish shops were attacked all over Germany and thousands Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps

German army occupied the rest of Czechslovakia

March 1939

Hitler and Stalin signed an agreement

August 1939

Hitler and Stalin signed an agreement that said that they would not fight each other. they would invade Poland together and devide it.

The German army marched into Poland

September 1939

Britain and france (and their colonies) declared war on Germany

September 1939

Nazis invade Norway and Denmark

April 1940

Phoney war stopped

May 1940

the Phoney war was the time when the west was in a little fight. Hilter waited for this to finish so he could invade the west.

The Nazis launched Operation Yellow

10 may 1940

Operation Yellow was the invasion of Western Europe. Hitler had a new way of attacking. Lightning attacks that relied on rapid movement. German planes bombed the area to be occupied. no one expected this. At a certain moment people had experienced this tactic of Hitler but the countries could not handle it.

Luxemburg surrendered

11 may 1940

The Netherland surrendered

14 may 1940

this was the date that the Netherlands officialy surrendered

Paris was occupied

14 June 1940

France was surredered

25 June 1940

February strike by Hendricus Sneevliet


Sneevliet and his group were cought by Nazis


Sneevliet and his group were cought by Nazis and they were shot. Sneevliet was a man that set up a party called the ISDV. it had Dutch and Indonesian members. This was very unusual. in 1917 the government decided that he had to be banned from the Dutch East Indies. Lenin was impressed by Sneevliet so he sent him to China in July 1921 to represent Russia. After that he went back to the Netherlands. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands in 1940 he started to hide. (the Nazis were anti communist) Sneevliet came up with a new group for people that didn't like the Nazis. he organized the February strike in 1941. But in 1942 he was caught and he and his group were shot.