Stalins Rule: Five-Year Plans

This timeline describes the main events of Stalin's time in power focusing on the Five-Year plans.


Lenin's Death


On this date, Lenin died, leaving Stalin in charge

Trotsky Resigns


On this date military leader Leon Trotsky is forced to resign-Stalin gains even more power.

First Five-Year Plan

10/01/1928 - 12/31/1932

On this date the first Five-Year plan begins. The plan ended on December 31 of 1932 with Stalin announcing that he was pleased with the results.

Beginning and Onset of the "Gulag"


On this date the "gulags" were established. Gulags were prisoner labor camps established mostly in Siberia. This camps were used to house political prisoners, primarily.

Beginning of the "Great Purges"


This date is the official beginning of the "Great Purges" which were basically mass murders and "repressive measures" referred to as the purges with the intent of getting rid of political prisoners and excess.

Death of Stalin


Stalin dies on this date.