This Boy's life

This boys life by tobias wolff Project done by jon ababiy


Driving to Utah

06/20/1955 - 08/18/1955

Tobias and his mother leave Florida to go Utah to get rich off Uranium. Also to escape Roy, an abusive Ex.

Catholic school

09/01/1955 - 06/06/1956

Tobias attends catholic school in Salt Lake city

West Seattle

06/07/1956 - 11/22/1956

Tobias and his Mom move to west Seattle. Tobias goes to public school. He meets his two friends Taylor and Silver

The Dwight Era

Tobias' Mother meets a man named dwight who lives in Concrete, Washington

Dwight proposes


After seeing Tobias' mom for a while, Dwight proposes to Rosemary (Tobias' mom). She doesnt Yes until Christmas

Early Chinook

01/01/1957 - 09/09/1959

Rosemary accepts Dwight's proposal so she and Tobias move in with Dwight.

Fight With Arthur Gayle


Tobias fights a kid and for once Dwight is proud



Dwight forces Tobias to join boy scouts


July 12 1957

Tobias plans to runaway to Alaska after a Boy scout jamboree but in the end he doesnt. For some reason Tobias and his then Best Friend kiss.

Tobias gets a dog

August 1 1959

Dwight gets tobias a dog. At first he doesnt like it but he starts to like it

Highschool in Chinook



Out of nowhere Tobias' brother Geoffrey sends him a letter. They begin talking and Tobias finds out that Geoffrey goes to Princeton. They start talking and Tobias starts applying for Boarding schools. He gets rejected by all except Hill School.

Fooling around

September 8 1959 - 1960

Tobias makes friends with Arch Cook, Chuck bolger, A boy nicknamed "pyscho", Jerry huff. Who he fools around with.

living with the bolgers.

November 16 1960 - 1961

After an incident, Rosemary moves to seattle away from dwight and Tobias Moves in the the Bolgers.

Hill school

Hill School

1961 - 1964

After making some stuff up here and there Tobias is accepted into Hill School



Tobias after not keeping good grades is expelled from hill academy

Later life


1965 - 1975

Tobias joins the army