Lillian Evanti


Liilian Evanti

August 12,1890

Lillian Evanti was born on August 12 1890.

Grauadted From Howard University

May 26,1907

Lillian Evanti Grauated from Howard Universtiy in 1907. she grauatated from the top of her class.

A Star is Born

October 4, 1920

Lillian had talent. Thirteen years after she graduated she moved to Europe where her proffesional carrer began.

First Debt

January 8,1924

She later went to Nice, France in 1924 while she was there on stage she earned the name Evanti.

On Tour

December 23,1927

Lillian was doing her thing. she had many fans. she was singing opera which was very popular back in that day. She returned to Washington,D.C and performed many times.

Going Place to Place

December 27,1930

Performed on Lafayette Square a bunch of times and in the Belasco Theater. Lillian was becoming famous.