Andrei Bio 3

New York

3rd Year with Symphony Orchestra

09/05/1998 - 05/15/1999

Six concerts through Novermber to May.

8th Grade

09/07/1998 - 6/11/1999

Andrei attends the Professional Children's School beginning this year. He goes back to Spanish.

Healh problems grow worse


Since he was a child his health has always been bad, but when he became 13 he seemed to be in a constant state of fatigue and mental cloudiness. Under the instance of his school nurse he was taken to a specialist who told his parents it was just puberty and that maybe he should take a break from the stress of violin. His mother disagreed and his health aliments continued.

First Girlfriend/first kiss

12/3/1998 - 4/18/1999

Begins going steady with Clara Ridgemont from the Youth Symphony. Had his first kiss with Clara. They went out for four months.

Plays sets of shows

06/27/1999 - 08/29/1999

Unlike when he was younger, Andrei protests his taxing summer engagements, saying that he wanted to relax for the summer. his parents, however, force him through. He plays with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg for four shows, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg for three shows, and the Berlin Orchestra for five shows.

4th Year with Youth Symphony Orchestra

09/04/1999 - 05/13/2000

Six concerts through November to May.

9th Grade

09/06/1999 - 06/14/2000

Returns to the professional Children's School. Resumes taking Spanish.

2nd girlfriend

10/2/1999 - 6/2/2000

Starts dating Stephanie Kwon. They ate lunch together and would hang out on weekends. The Relationship ended when Andrei had to go away for the summer.

Plays a round of shows

06/15/2000 - 8/20/2000

Plays a four week engagemnet with the New York Philharmonic, and a three week engagement with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

Wins 9th Competition

9/3/2000 - 9/18/2000

Wins first place in the 8th annual International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition, with a prize of 20,000 Euros ($25,994 USD). Other prizes include engagements in Finland, Scandinavia, and with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

5th Year with Symphony Orchestra

09/09/2000 - 05/19/2001

Six concerts through November to May

10th Grade

09/21/2000 - 06/14/2001

Returns to the Professional Childrens School. Takes Spanish once again and is enrolled in honors classes.

Plays in Scandinavia

11/17/2000 - 11/20/2000

Plays with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra at the Oslo Opera House, plays two shows.

Plays in Finland

11/24/2000 - 11/27/2000

Plays two shows at the Finnish National Opera, with the house orchestra.

Soloist for Helsinki Orchestra


Plays with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra for the Independence Day concert

Soloist for Finnish Orchestra


Is a soloist for the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Helsinki Music Centre.

3rd Girlfriend

02/03/2001 - 10/16/2001

Andrei dates Blair Cabot for over 8 months, he loses his virginity to her. While his parents were away he invited her over and began to fool around. Their relationship ended when he broke up with her.

Andrei and family move to LI


Andrei and his family move to a mansion on Long Island. Andrei isn't very happy about the move, seeing as he'll be out of the city and far from his friends.

Passes drivers test and gets a car


Andrei passes his driver's test and his father buys him the car of his dreams, a fully black 1970 Pontiac GTO.

Has multiple engagements

07/12/2001 - 08/29/2001

Plays three shows with the Philidelphia Orchestra and five shows with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg.

11th Grade

09/10/2001 - 6/11/2002

Once again at the Professional Children's School, studies Spanish.

Wins tenth Competition

09/26/2001 - 10/09/2001

Wins first place at the International Violin Competition Premio Paganini in Genova. Prizes include EURO 10.329,14 ($13,425 USD) and engagements with the Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova Symphonic Orchestra.

Plays with the Genova Orchestra

10/18/2001 - 10/28/2001

Plays three shows with the Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova Symphonic Orchestra.

4th, 5th, and 6th Girlfriend.

12/10/2001 - 6/10/2002

Within the scope of six months, Andrei dates three seperate women. Madison lasts for two months, Danielle lasts for one months, and Michelle lasts for 2 and 1/2.

Andrei tells his parents he no longer wants to play Violin


As Andrei grew holder his lover for violin slowly dimininshed, and this reached a head before his 17th birthday. Thinking about college and his life he realized that he no longer wanted to play violin professionally. His mother was furious and demanded that he think it over, but his mind was set. He demands that he doesn't play during the summer and also he stops seeing, after 11 years, his instructor Catherine Chang. His monther, however, demands that he at least do competitions. He agrees.

Andrei discovers vampirism

7/18/2002 - 08/30/2002

After the event with his girlfriend Andri researches online about blood and the taste of blood. He grows obsessed with the idea until one day he discovers the community. He thought it weird and stange and became freaked out about the entire idea, and vowed to never think of it again.

Andrei tatste blood for the first time


While with his gilfriend at the time, Jillian, She cuts herself. Without thinking Andrei went to her aid and in a joking manner sucked her finger. This experience changes Andrei as he realizes that he liked the tatse a little too much. After this event he researches online about a few things.