Events Leading up to the Civil War


Fugitive slave act


Led to the Civil War because runaway slaves would be taken back to their owners even if they were in a free state or a free slave. This made the North angry & caused tension between the two regions.

Compromise of 1850


Led to the civil war because it went against what the Missouri Compromise stated. The compromise put off the problems in our country, which led up to more problems in the future.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Published


This book changed how Americans viewed slavery. It let people see how slaves were really treated. This led up to the civil war because people were angered by the way they saw slaves being treated in the book and wanted to do something about it.

Kansas Nebraska Act


This led up to the Civil War because this act had to do with popular sovereignty. Popular Sovereignty had a great deal to do the with the civil war because it caused fighting between the people who were against owning slaves and the people who were for owning slaves. Many of the people we were against owning slaves were people who lived in the north and many of the people who were for owning slaves lived in the south.

Pottawatomie Massacre


This led up to the Civil War because It was one of the first times that someone had used violence to try and free slaves. In fact it may have been the first time that people were killed trying to stop slavery. There were so many different reactions from what had happened. The South was very mad about what John Brown had tried to do and were afraid more people would do the same.

Dred Scott Decision


The Dred Scott Decision led up to the Civil War because many people in the North were angry with the way that the South had handled it. They felt that Dred Scott is not property but a human being and should be treated as one.

John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry


This was the second time that John Brown had tried to use violence to stop slavery. This scared the South even more. After this attack they started to think about seceding from the union, which is the cause for the Civil War.

Election of 1860


In 1860 Lincoln ran for president and won. The North felt that Lincoln's victory was unfair and proved that they were losing power. Immidiatly after the election, southern states began to secede from the union. Lincoln was going to try everything to get them to stay.

Confederacy Formed


The Confederates were the Southern states, the people who seceded from the union. Lincoln was trying everything to keep our country together. He certainly wasnt going to let them slip away. War began soonly after they seceded.