Rise & Fall


Medieval Europe

590 - 1500

1412- Joan of Arc. She was a girl who believed that the Voice of god had spoken to her and persuaded her to tell Charles that if he can fight his way to Reims to be consecrated, France will have a king.
793- Vikings invasion- They came in small groups on Longboats which could be used for surprise attacks. The Vikings would terrorize and defeat local armies in Ireland, Scotland and Conquered Half of England, and moved on to other European Countries and attacked along the coast.

Polynesian Expansion across the pacific

700 - 1756

The Vikings

790 - 1066

866- The Viking army attacked on November 1 866. The Viking army spent the winter on the Tyne and had to recapture York in March 867.
1066- In 1066, the Anglo Saxon King Harold defeated a Viking army. The Viking age ended.

Shogunate Japan

790 - 1867

Anglo/Khmer Empire

802 - 1431

802- Jayavarman II was the 9th century king of Cambodia, as the founder of Khmer which ruled a lot of the Southeast Asian land for more than 600 years
1431- The Khmer Empire ended because of conquest.

Mongol Expansion

1208 - 1368

Ottoman Empire

1299 - 1633

1462- Mehmed II begins to build his Palace, Topkapi Palace. The palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments.
1473- Battle of Otlukbeli: Mehmed II defeated Uzun Hasan. But the Ottoman army was using the latest technology. They came with rifles and cannons.

The spread of the Black Death

1346 - 1400

Renaissance Italy

1400 - 1600

1456- Earthquake struck Naples. Over 35,000 people died.
1452-Leonardo da Vinci was born. He was an engineer, a painter, a musician, a geologist, an anatomist, a scientist, a mathematician, acartographist, a botanist, a writer, an inventor, a sculptor, and an architect.

Spanish conquest of the Americas

1492 - 1572


Early Middle Ages

500 - 1000

High Middle Ages

1001 - 1300

Late Middle Ages

1301 - 1500

Early Modern Ages

1501 - 1750