Polynesian Migration


Lapita people reach Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.

1200 BC

Expansions of Polynesia

Remote Islands are Discovered

1200 BC

Polynesian expansion

Lapita people settle Samoa

1000 BC

Polynesian expansion

Polynesians settle Marquesas & Hawiian Is.

300 AD

Polynesian Expantions

Easter Is. settlement made

700 AD

Polynesian Expantion

Easter Is. was discovered by Europeans

700 CE

Tongans conquer parts of Samoa

950 AD

Tonga People, Polynesia

First Settlers on Cook Is.

1000 AD

Polynesian expantion

Polynesians arrive in NZ

1300 AD

New Zealand, Polynesia

Abel Tasman founded New Zealand


Even know it was already populated by the Maori people he took it anyway

Jacob Roggeveen (Dutch) Discovered a Polynesian Is. without trees


Now part of Chile

Capitan James Cook Discovered Hawii


Samoa was divided into 2 parts, owned by Germany and USA


Because of ww1