Ozzy Osbourne

By Josie Vandervest and Jake Godin



December 3, 1948

John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne is born in Birmingham, England.

Dropped put of school


Ozzy dropped out of school at age 15.

Black Sabbath forms

May 1970

Black Sabbath forms, with Ozzy as the lead singer, and releases its first album.

Band problems


Ozzy is regularly drinking and doing drugs by this time. He gets frustrated with his band members. Also his father dies this year. He started heavily doing drugs after this.

Leaves Band

January 1979

Ozzy leaves Black Sabbath. The band kicks him out because of his alcohol and drug abuse.

Hits bottom

1979 - July 1979

Ozzy does nothing but drugs and drink in a hotel room for half a year. If it weren't for his manger and later to become wife, Sharon, he would have never got back on his feet, she convinced him to start a solo career.

Has a snack!


CBS wanted to have a meeting with Ozzy. Sharon suggested that he let three doves go out of his sleeve when he entered the room. But he had lots to drink, so instead he let two doves go, and bit the head off the third one! After that during concert he bit the head off a bat that a fan through to him. The humane Society of America tried to sue him, but it didn't work.

Urination on the Alamo

January 19, 1982

Ozzy Urinates on the Alamo building, drunk, in his girlfriends dress. He was arrested, put in jail for a while, and ban from public appearances in San Antonio for life. He got out of it though in 1992 by paying $10,000 to the caretakers of the Alamo.

Marriage and new(ish) life

July 4,1982 - 2000

Ozzy gets married to Sharon Arden and they have two kids, Kelly, and Jack. They live regular holy wood lives and Ozzy continues to be in his career of singing like before and heavily do drugs and drink, like before. Not many interesting things happen, Ozzy continues to abuse drugs and Alcohol.

Chokes Sharon

August 12, 1989

Ozzy got black out drunk and tried to strangle Sharon, he woke up and didn't remember a thing, the court ordered him to spent three months in Rehab, away from his family.

Ozzy's mum dies

April 10,2001

Ozzy's mother dies and Ozzy is devastated! He confronts his self for being crazy and is on lots of psychotic medication. "I'm on everything proper psychotic medication. If I don't pop pills I lose it." -says Ozzy

The Osbournes

March 5, 2002

The Osbournes get their own reality TV show

Sharon has Cancer

July 2, 2002

It is announced that Sharon Osbourne has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Ozzy drops everything and stays by her side. Sharon told him to leave and go back to Ozzfest becuase he was driving her crazy!

Yay, no more cancer!

April 23, 2003

Sharon is cancer free!

Jack goes to Rehab

April 30, 2003

Ozzy's son, Jack, goes to Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Ozzy Rehab truth

December 21, 2006

Ozzy admits that Sharon had tricked him into going into rehab by telling him there'll be a bar.



Ozzy is now sober, he has gone to Rehab multiple times, no sure when, he first quit smoking, then illegal drugs, then slowly alcohol.