World War I

World War I

Franz-Ferdinand is killed

January 1914

Serbians kill him

Germany sends Austria-Hungary a "Blank Check"

February 1914

This "blank check" tells Austria-Hungary that they can do what they want to get revenge on Serbia, and Germany will support them.

Austrian Ultimatum

March 1914

Austria sens Serbia a list of demands to which Austria knows they will not concede. This gives Austria an excuse to fight them

Triple Entente

April 1914

Alliance between Russian, Britain, and France

Triple Alliance

May 1914

Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

World War I begins

June 1914

Ottoman Empire joins central powers

July 1914

leads to Armenian massacre

German Ultimatum to Russia

September 1914

German orders Russia to stop military preparations in 12 hours or they will go to war

Italy joins Allies

Feb 1915

Battle of Verdun

Jul 1915

7000,000 killed

Battle at Somme River

Dec 1915

Submarine Warfare leads to US joining war

Feb 1917

Germany launches unrestricted submarine warfare on British coast, which kills many American traders, leading to America joining the war

Fourteen Points

April 1917

Treaty of Brest-Letovsk


German Soldiers Mutiny


Austria-Hungary stops fighting

Jul 1918

Paris Peace Conference

Jan 1919 - Jun 1919