Russian History




Founding of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

Bloody Sunday


Gapon leads revolt to Winter palace and it is shot down

October Manifesto


Tsar allows males to elect Duma representatives because he is scared of the revolt getting too powerful, but suspends manifesto when he regains control

Revolution of 1905


Workers strike, revolts flare, St. Petersburg Soviet forms

February Revolution

February, 1917

A spontaneous strike and revolt from which Duma creates a provisional government

May Crisis

May 1917

Miliukov of the Provisional Government is corrupt, so Provisional Government is reorganized by Lenin as a coalition with the Soviet

June Offensive

June, 1917

Provisional Government launches military offensive to drive Gernman and Austro-Hungarian troops out of Russia, but armies refuse to fight

July Days

July 1917

Rebellions in Petrograd. The set Bolsheviks back because they demoralize the revolution and Bolsheviks are denounced and leaders have to flee from Germany

Kornilov affair

August 1917

Kornilov and Kerensky try to crush Petrograd Soviet, but Kerensky betrays Kornilov and then the Bolsheviks weaken Kornilov's army and become heroes

October Revolution

October 1917

Soviet arrests Provisional Government and are elected as the official government of Russia

Bolsheviks in power

Treaty of Brest-Letovsk

March 1918

Russia backs out of war and has to pay Germany and give Germany land

War Communism

October 1918

Bolsheviks impose grain requisitioning on peasants to keep cities from starving because the economy is bad. Bolsheviks also nationalize everything

Russian Civil War

October 1918

Red army against white army

Stalin in power



Bolsheviks abolish grain requisitioning and instead impose grain tax. They also allow for some privately owned businesses, under which the kulaks and nepmen thrive.

Stalin gains power in Russia




Peasants go on grain strike, so Stalin institutes collectivization

Five-Year Plan

September 1928

Goal is rapid industrialization. Stalin sells all food produced, leading massive amounts of people to starve.

Great Purges


All of Stalin's suspected political opponents are killed