Roman Republic

509 BC - 27 BC

The predecessor to the Roman Empire. This is an example of one of the worlds first large democracy. The legal system of the United States is modeled after the legal system of the Roman Republic.

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476 AD

The Roman Empire was one of Europe's most successful empires. The Roman Empire also let Christianity spread throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The Edict of Malone

313 AD

The Edict of Malone is a document that made the practice of Christianity legal in the Roman Empire

Rome falls to Visgoths

410 AD

The rest of the Roman Empire collapses soon after Rome falls.

The Great Schism

1054 AD

The Christian Church splits into the west and the east. The Roman Catholic Church in the west and the Orthodox Church in the East. This lead to the Crusades.

The Battle of Hastings

1066 AD

This battle lead to the Normans ruling England.

The First Crusade

1095 AD

This is the start of the many crusades to fallow.

The Magna Carta

1215 AD

This document reduced the power of the British Monarchy. The document was made in response to the heavy taxation by King John.

The Hundred Years War

1337 AD

This war was fought between the English and the French.

Creation of the Church of England

1534 AD

The English separate from the Catholic Church due to the Pope denying to allow King Henry VIII to divorce his wife.



27 BC - 14 AD

The first Emperor of Rome.

The Birth of Jesus Christ

0 AD

The start of Christianity. The birth of Jesus Christ is the second most important event in Christianity.

Crusifiction of Jesus Christ

30 AD

The most important event in Christianity.

Saul becomes Paul

33 AD

After seeing a vision from God, Paul converts to Christianity. In the fallowing years, he becomes one of Christianity's greatest missionaries.


37 AD - 41 AD

One of Rome's worst Emperors. He was likely insane. For example, he gave a horse a seat in the Senate.