Devil Part 4 Timeline

After the fair

Many ideas and products of the fair continued to live on in architecture, design, and goods.

Prendergast is found guilty and is sentenced to death.

December 29, 1893

The jury finds Prendergast guilty of the death of Harrison despite Prendergast's plea of insanity.

Adler leaves Sullivan's firm.

July 1895

Sullivan then sinks into depression and condemned the fair, attacking Burnham for years to come.

Ferris dies.

November 22, 1896

Burnham and more architecture


The Flatiron (Fuller) Building, along with multiple department stores, is designed by Burnham.

Olmsted dies.

August 28, 1903

After suffering from dementia for quite a while, Olmsted dies.

Ferris wheel is dynamited.

May 11, 1906

The wrecking company dynamites the wheel for scrap metal.

Millet dies on the Titanic

April 10, 1912

The Titanic sinks and Millet was drowned, leading Burnham to fall into a deep depression.

Burnham dies.

June 1, 1912

Burnham passes away after slipping into a coma resulting from diabetes, colitis, foot infection, depression, and food poisoning.

Buffalo Bill dies.

January 10, 1917

Buffalo Bill dies broke due to the Panic of 1907 and wasteful spending.

Holmes, but not Sherlock

Holmes is arrested by the Pinkerton Agency and police.

November 16, 1894

Insurance fraud! He was arrested while trying to leave the country, but he gave himself up easily.

Geyer retraces Holmes' steps

June 1895

Geyer follows the path that Holmes had taken with the children in his custody, using the children's written letters as clues.

Detective Geyer given the case to find Pitezel's children

June 1895

Holmes was in jail for insurance fraud, but it became an actual case when it was realized that he had not faked the death of Benjamin Pitezel, but had actually killed him.

Alice and Nellie Pitezel's bodies are found

July 1895

The two children's bodies were found in a shallow grave in the cellar of a house in Toronto. The mother was able to identify the bodies, although they were greatly decomposed. Holmes still claims innocence.

Chicago detectives search Holmes's castle

July 19, 1895

Multiple dead bodies and evidence of other murders are found. Some, exaggerating, speculate the death count to be up to 200.

Howard Pitezel's body is found.

August 27, 1895

The body of Howard Pitezel is found, and his death is placed around October 5, 1894.

Holmes is indicted for the murders of the Pitezel children.

September 12, 1895

Holmes still claims innocence.

Holmes was hanged.

May 7, 1896

Holmes was found guilty by a grand jury and hanged at Moyamensing Prison. Strange accidents later befell the people involved in or related to his trial.