Women in History


Women in History


69 BC

Cleopatra had 2 other sisters and she was the youngest. She is known as the queen of Egypt. She was in love with Mark Antony. Everyone said she was charming and smart.



Sybilla Masters was born in New Jersey and died in 1720. Sybilla worked hard to prepare food. One of the foods that people ate in colonial times was hominy, it was ground from corn. Sybilla wanted to patent her inventions but at the time, having a patent was a very extraordinary idea.

amelia bloomer

may 27 1818

She was an American activist for women’s rights. Who is she? Amelia Jenks Bloomer was her name. Amelia Jenks was born in Homer, New York on May 27, 1818. She was a very famous for women’s right and for being a reformer. Amelia was also a school teacher, which led her to meeting her husband, whose name is Dexter C



Harret Tubman was a American bondwoman. Who escaped in slavery. She rertund to save outhers she never got cought.



Eleanor Roosevelt spent her life helping the poor and needy. She was born in New York City. She died in 1962



1.Amelia Earhert was born in July 24,1897.
2.Amelia Earhert flew over the Atlantic Ocean.
3.She went on three flights by herself.

pearl baily

march 29 1918

Have you ever cut your hair so short, it was embarrassing? Pearl Bailey, an extremely good actress and singer did. But, she wasn’t embarrassed



Bella Abzug was born on July 24 1920.She grew up in Bronx in new York.She inspired us to never give up. At the age 77 Bella sky Abzug died of complacashons following heart surgury on march 31 1998.



Fran Allen gruw up on a fairm up stat.
She is in the wite hall of fame.
She is a ckimpuoter sintist.

Anna loves pie

April 3 1934
  1. She made the world think different about chimps
  2. She loved animals so much that she sat in a chicken coop for 5 to 6 hours
  3. She got a job in Africa Jane Goodall



Ruth weyland's ansasters came from Germany and france. Ruth Wetland been a art teacher since 1973. Being a art teacher can be a messy. Once a student bumped into her and spilled paint all over her,unforsuly she was wearing her best clothes. She still teaches art because she loves being with kids and she loves art.


May 26, 1951

Sally Raise didn't want to be an astronaut. sally Ride wanted to be a tennis player. Sally went in space three times in her life.



Died in a car crash in 1997
Got married to prince Charles on February 24,1981
Buried on an Estate in England



Cindy Crawford was born on Feb.20,1966.
Won scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern university.
She has two children Presley and kaia.


July 22 1971

Kristine Lilly member of gold medal winning team and scored 53 goals



Rebeca Lobo made nationals. Her team won NCAA.she was Connecticut's favorite basketball player!


December 4,1973
  1. Her brother & class made fun of her because she was very tall.
  2. Tyra Banks modlies & acts.
  3. She made the top 50th beautiful people list from People magazine twice.


April 21,1977

~Jamie Salè was ice skating at age 5
~Since March 10,1998 she and David Pelleteir were together as partners
~Their first competition togetherwas in Canada 1998



Kelly Clark won the first medal for the USA 2002 Olympics game. She was the youngest competier in the Olympics game. She started snowboarding when she was 8 years old.


July 31, 2944

Sherry Lansing is a former chief. She was the first woman to head a major motion picture studio. Sherry graduated from Northwestern in 1966 she has worked as a teacher , model and actress.