Attack on New Ulm 150 Years Ago


Treaty of Traverse des Sioux

July 23,1851

This was the first treaty that was made by the U.S. government and the Dakota.

Treaty of Mendota

August 5,1851

This was the second treaty made by the U.S. and the Dakota.

U.S. - Dakota War Begins

August 18, 1862 - December 26, 1862

First Strike on New Ulm

August 19,1862

About 100 Dakota attacked New Ulm. The settlers protected the center of the town, so the Dakota took off, leaving burnt house and damages in the town.

Battles at Fort Ridgley

August 20, 1862

The Dakota attack the fort twice on each day. The fort became one of the few military forts to with stand a direct assault later on.

Another Battle at Fort Ridgely

August 22, 1862

Second Strike on New Ulm

Aug. 23, 1862

Evacuation on New Ulm

Aug. 25, 1862

Citizens of New Ulm afraid of another attack evacuated out of town.

Battle of Birch Coulee

Sep. 2, 1862

One of the hardest battle fought in the Dakota War.

Battle of Wood Lake

Sep. 23, 1862

Last battle fought before the war ends.

Trials and execution of Dakota at Mankato, Minnesota

December 26, 1862

38 Dakota were hanged and 265 people survived.

Dakota Banished from Minnesota

March 1863 - June 1863

Dakota back in Minnesota

1886 - 2013

By the Act of Congress the Dakota were allowed back into Minnesota.