The Modern History of Iran

Lydia Morrow


Qajar Dynasty of Iran

1785 - 1925

Reign of Fath Ali Shah

1797 - 1834

The First Russo-Persian War

1804 - 1813

Fath Ali Shah wants to gain territories near Iran that are owned by Russia, Iran loses this first war and Russia keeps their territory.

The Treaty of Gullistan

1813 - 1826

After the Russians won the first war, this treaty created peace between Russia and Iran for 13 years and confirmed the inclusion of the territories Russia had won.

The Second Russo-Persian War

1826 - 1828

Once the treaty had expired Fath Ali Shah attacked Russia again in order to regain the territories he had lost in the first war. He was not successful yet again and lost this war.

Reign of Mohammed Shah

1834 - 1848

Reign of Naser o-Din Shah

1848 - 1896

Naser o-Din Shah tries to recapture Herat

1856 - 1857

Britain prevented Iran from acquiring Herat again

Reign of Mozaffar o-Din Shah

1896 - 1907

Reign of Mohammed Ali Shah

1907 - 1909

Oil is discovered by British in Iran


Russia and Britain fight over control of Iran and its oil

Reign of Ahmed Shah

1909 - 1925

Reza Khan stages a coup, later forms Pahlavi Dynasty


Pahlavi Dynasty of Iran

1925 - 1979

Wearing of veils in banned in Iran


Persia's name changes to modern day Iran


Tehran Comference


Seizure of U.S Embassy


Islamic Republic of Iran

1980 - Present

Sadam Hussein invades Iran


Thousands of political prisoners executed


Chief of the armed forces of Iran is assassinated


Large protests against government break out