World War 2 Events


Stalin follows Lenin as leader of Russia

April 3, 1922

After Lenin had died, Stalin had followed in his footsteps as leader of the Communist government in 1922.

Mussolini and Fascists take control of Italy

October 31, 1922

After the march on Rome 3 days earlier, the blackshirts took over the Italian government and established a Fascist Regime.

Hitler becomes Chancellor

January 30, 1933

Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany, but it takes him about 1 year to gain absolute power. The Weimar Republic's president still was living and "in his way".

Italy invades Ethiopia

October 1935 - May 1936

Because of a battle with the Ethiopians in the years 1895-1896, Mussolini wanted to attack and be victorious.

Hitler conducts Anschluss

March 12, 1938

Hitler believed, being an ethnic Austrian-German, that Germans lived in Austria and wanted to absorb that part of Austria.

Hitler Annexes Sudetenland

September 30, 1938

Hitler claimed that ethnic Germans lived along the border of Czechoslovakia and Germany and wanted to annex them.

Italy invades Albania

April 7, 1939 - April 12, 1939

Italy invades Albania to take control of the Adriatic Sea.

Albert Einstein Appeals to Roosevelt about atomic bomb

August 2, 1939

Einstein writes to Roosevelt about the potential for a new bomb that could win the war.

Germany Invades Poland

September 1, 1939 - October 6, 1939

Hitler uses the excuse that Germany was attacked by a Polish foot soldier, even though he disguised a German prisoner to complete the task.

Great Britain and France declare war on Germany

September 3, 1939

After the invasion of Poland, the Polish government pleaded to GB and France, allies, to assist.

Battle of the Atlantic

September 3, 1939 - May 8, 1945

Hitler tries to take a foothold in the Atlantic to try and cut off Britain from trade.

Battle of Dunkerque

May 27, 1940

Hitler advances to the allies, Britain and France, and pushes them farther to the beach and makes them retreat.

Paris falls to Germany

June 14, 1940

Hitler pushes closer and closer to Paris as the allies retreat and finally takes it.

Battle of Britain

July 1940 - May 1941

Hitler tries to overwhelm the Royal Air Force, but after a year he was unsuccessful.

Lend-Lease Program is enacted by US Congress

March 11, 1941

After Britain's hammering from Germany, they needed supplies and the US passed the act to allow this. US would give supplies without guarantee of payment.

Germany invades Russia

June 22, 1941 - December 5, 1941

Hitler violates the Russo-Nazi Pact and invades Russia to try and get a foothold and win one front of the war.

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Japan makes a decisive decision to attack Pearl Harbor and cut off American defenses in the Pacific.

United States declares war on Japan

December 8, 1941

The day after Pearl Harbor, the US declares war on Japan.