Madame Bovary



Charles attends school

Charles attends medical school

Flunks medical school, tries again, passes

Completed dissuaded from the idea of doing anything interesting in his life

Charles marries Dubuc

Moves to Tostes and becomes town doctor

Begins visiting Rouault and his daughter

After Rouault breaks his leg and requires Charles' assistance

Charles' 1st wife dies

Charles marries Rouault's daughter

She becomes Madame Bovary, and moved to Tostes with him

Emma has flashbacks to her childhood

The Bovarys attend marquis' feist

Emma sees what this other way of life is like

Emma becomes increasingly bored

She cannot stand Charles, his lack of ambition, he is so boring, or the never-changing nature of their surroudings

They prepare to move, with Emma pregnant

To a new city, because Charles thinks that Emma needs a change of scenery.

Emma gives birth to a girl - disappointed

Emma meets Leon and they have romantic feelings

Both are bored with rural life

Leon moves away and Emma meets Rodolphe

Rodolphe and Emma begin an affair

Charles attempts to fix a clubfoot and the leg ends up being amputated.

Emma is disgusted with his incompetence

Emma makes plans to move away with Rodolphe

Rodolphe breaks off plans and sends Emma into deep sickness

Emma and Charles go to opera and reunite with Leon

Emma begins affair with Leon

Emma falls deep into debt and deceives everyone

Emma's affair with Leon is more careless - more debt

Emma gets bored with Leon but her debt is catching up to her

In the face of seizure of property, Emma attempts prostitution to repay debt

Emma commits suicide with arsenic after being unable to recoup debt

Charles discovers Emma's love letters and dies shortly after

Berthe goes to live with aunt and works in cotton mill