Cell And Microscope Developments

Microscope Developments

Art Of Grinding Lenses Is Invented


Art of grinding lenses is developed in Italy

Microscope Is Invented


Hanz and Zacharias invent microscope, by placing two lenses in a tube.

Electron Microscope Is Invented


This invention improves the resolution visible through the microscope.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope Is Invented


Gerd Binnig and Heinrich invent a microsope that can 3D images of objects down to atomic level.

Cell Developments

1st Part Of Cell Theory discovered


1st part of cell theory discovered by Matthias Schwann and Theodor Schwann. This theory stated that, “All living organisms are made up of one or more cells, and those cells are the smallest unit that we can say is alive”. In short this means that every living object or thing is composed of one or more cells, and the cell is the smallest possible living thing.

2nd Part Of Cell Theory Is Discovered

1839 - 1858

The Theory that "The cell is the basic unit of life" is discovered by observing that the smallest thing has the properties of life.

3rd Part Of Cell Theory Is Discovered


Rudolf virchow discovered the 3rd cell theory which is " All cells come from the devision of preexisting cells". This means that all life came from one cell that reproduced into many more cells.

Langmuir's Model Of Cell Membrane Is Discovered


Langmuir Stated that cell membranes are composed of lipid monolayers, with the fatty acids pointing away form polar heads.

Gorter and Grendel's Model Of Cell Membrane Is Discovered


Gorter and Grendel, stated that red blood cells are coated with a layer of fatty acids that is two layers thick.

Danielli and Davison's Model Of Cell Membrane Is Discovered


Described the cell membrane as a ''sandwich" of lipids covered on both sides by protein.

Current Model Of Cell Membrane Was Discovered


They stated that the Proteins floated within the lipid layer instead of covering it.