History assignment


The fall of the Roman Empire


The fall of the Roman Empire started when Rome started to get attacked by vandals and goths tribes , this weakened there army's and people started giving less respect for Rome , the roman army was spread all throughout Western Europe and the reason for there fall was because these tribes that attacked wanted to live in a better climate and at the time Rome had poor emperors who could not do the job.

Medieval Europe

590 - 1500

Important person: Marco Polo

Significant event: First Crusade

Took place: Europe

Medieval Europe was a time of war and conquer , it was a time where the lands where ruled by kings and queens.there was few years that there was not a war in this time in Europe.

the polynesian expansion across the pacific

700 - 1756

Special person : captain James cook

This was a time when the last spellers on earth came in , these people where called the Polynesians . The Polynesian people traveled all across the Pacific Ocean to many country's and lands .

Charlemagne empire

742 - 814

Charlemagne was a medieval emporer that ruled Western Europe for over 60 years .He converted his people to Christianity and em proved his army's warfare . He is now know as the father of Europe .

the vikings

790 - 1066

Country: Iceland, Greenland - Europe

The Vikings where very demanding.Most of the time went to countries and land and demanded there gold or else they would fight of there people to the death.

shogunate japan

794 - 1867

The time of the shoguns was when there was an empire in Japan at this time but the shoguns (military leaders) became more powerful then the empire him self. For almost 700 years Japan was ruled mainly by the shoguns . The shouguns was often passed down from father to son , this would start a new ruling family shouguns . Working with the shoguns where people called daimyo that all keep each region safe, then came warriors , then samurai, then farmers and so on .

The shouguns ruled Japan for a long time even though it wasn't officially acknowledged .

angkor/khmer empire

802 - 1327

The Angkor/Khmer empire covered parts of Thailand , Vietnam , Myanmar , Malaysia and Cambodia . This empire was ruled by kings/gods One of the first in this 500 year empire was a prince who became king in 790 ce . The reason why this was such a well know empire was because of its control over the Mekong river , this lead to farmers producing more crops and rice witch made the Angkor/Khmer empire much more wealthy , they also built large transport or road systems to make trade easier and more efficient , these systems also made it much easier to attack other lands .

The first crusade

1096 - 1099

The first crusade was an attempt to re capture Jerusalem , this was followed by many other crusades capturing other country's and lands .

2nd crusade

1145 - 1149

The 2nd crusade was called by the pope to defeat the Muslims who where still threatening to take the holy lands.in this crusade they lost some very important people but gained lots of of there attack , unfortunately this crusade failed .

The 3rd crusade

1189 - 1192

Country :Palestine
The 3rd crusade also knows as the kings crusade was an attempt to re conquer the holy land off the Saladin . This crusade took place because of the failure in the 2nd crusade .

mongol expansion

1206 - 1368

Country :Asia

The Mongol expansion sayer yes in a small region in northern Asian , in 1206 a number of tribal groups came together to form one great army , they invaded and conquered many close lands , this started the Mongol empire . This empire lasted 150 years but was one of the most feral empires word.

The black death in Asia, Europe and Africa

1206 - 1368

Important people: king edward III daughter died because of this plague.

The country : Asia , Africa , Europe

This was a time where a plague of rats carrying fatal disease, it was called the black detach because the bubble on the skin turned a black colour . Nearly 1 third of the population in europe died for this plague (200 million).

Ottoman Empire

1299 - 1683

The Ottoman Empire was the last of the Turkish empires it spread through Asia and eventually spread through most of North Africa and Europe ,the ottoman army conquered many country's and lands .

renaissance italy

1400 - 1600

The start of the Italian renaissance mark the ending of Middle Ages in Europe , this was a time where people rediscoverd learning and there passion for art and the beauty of Greece and Rome . It was a time where there was lots of exiting inventions and discovers, amazing building and art was produce in this time .This thinking spread quickly throughout the land and at this time many beautiful things where discoverd and produced .

the spanish conquest of the americans

1492 - 1572

Place :America

Special person : Christopher Columbus

In this time the Spanish took over an conquerd America , Christopher Columbus lead the Spanish as they travelled to souh America , this just may be the most well know thing to ever happen in history .

Early Middle Ages

500 - 1000

High Middle Ages

1000- 1300

Late Middle Ages


Early modern ages