History of 3D Games - Declan Brown


3D Monster Maze


This was the first 3D game for home use. It was developed by Malcolm Evans in 1981 for the Sinclair ZX81 platform.

Star Wars


This is an arcade video game and is composed of 3D colour vector graphics. It is considered to be the 4th most popular game of all time.

I, Robot


I, Robot is an arcade game designed by Dave Theurer, and published by Atari Inc. in 1983. It is known for being the first commercial video game with filled 3-D polygon graphics and flat shading. It is also the first video game to feature camera control options.

Double Dragon


Double Dragon is a 1987 beat 'em up developed by Technōs Japan and distributed in North America and Europe by Taito Corporation. Remakes of this game have been happening since 2003, being released on Game Boy and even for iOS mobiles.



MechWarrior is a 1989 computer game published by Activision that is set in the BattleTech universe.

Alpha Waves


Although this isn't the first "3D Game" but it was the first game that combined labyrinthine exploration with platform gameplay. By most definitions of the genre it could be considered to be the first 3D platform game.

Eye of the Beholder


Eye of the Beholder is a role-playing video game for computers and video game consoles developed by Westwood Studios. It is an AD&D (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)

Catacomb 3-D


Catacomb 3D is the third in the Catacomb series of video games, and the first of these games to feature 3D computer graphics. Catacomb 3-D is a landmark title in terms of first-person graphics.

Wolfenstein 3D


Wolfenstein 3D is a first-person shooter (FPS) developed by id Software and published by Apogee Software. Wolfenstein 3D was a commercial success and it is regarded as having established the basic run-and-gun archetype for many subsequent FPS games.

Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat is a 1992 arcade fighting game developed and published by Midway. It is the first game in the Mortal Kombat series. Mortal Kombat 2 was released a year later.

Virtua Fighter


Virtua Fighter is known to be the first arcade fighting game to feature fully 3D polygon graphics. The images were created using wireframes and flat-shaded quads.



Doom is a science fiction, horror-themed, role-playing, first-person shooter video game by id Software. Doom was played by an estimated 10 million people within two years of its release.

Daytona USA


Daytona USA is a racing video game developed by Sega AM2 and released by Sega. It is considered the most visually detailed 3D arcade racing game because the world was fully texture-mapped.

Killer Instinct


Killer Instinct is a fighting game developed by Rare and published by Midway and Nintendo. The game had the highest quality graphics pre-rendered by a rendering program at the time, featuring to this day the highest quality use of the movie background technique.



DeviousMUD (Devious Multi-User dungeon) was a game created by Andrew Gower. The game has developed into "Runescape Classic", then the newer game of "Runescape"

The Sims


The Sims is a strategic, life simulation game by Maxis. This game is the best-selling PC franchise in PC history.

Max Payne


Max Payne is a third-person shooter game with a gritty neo-noir style. This style was praised and received very positive reviews.

Ninja Gaiden


This game is an action-adventure game developed by "Team Ninja" released for the Xbox. The team made a point of designing smoothly-flowing gameplay with high-quality animations that reacted quickly to the user's input.

God Of War


God Of War was one of 2005's biggest revelations, regarded as one of the best action-adventure games for the Playstation 1. In addition to its gameplay, it has been highly regarded for its graphics, sound, presentation and story.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda. The game is an open world, allowing the player to travel to anywhere in the game world at any time and ignore or postpone the main story line.